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The Toughest Interview Questions and How to Tackle them

Many candidates consider the interview one of the most difficult parts of a job application because of the questions asked. The interview questions seem very difficult to answer and candidates sometimes ask themselves what they should answer to please the employer. In this article are presented the toughest interview questions and how to approach and answer them in order to be sure that you get the job.


"Why should I hire you?" - is one of the toughest questions for an applicant. Analyze what responses you offered the employers in your previous interviews. Like most candidates do, you probably started by presenting your skills and qualifications, but with no final conclusion. If you do this you have to know that it is a weak response and it doesn't answer the question directly. The employers want to see if you are the best person for the job and why. So, in order to offer a satisfying answer, you have to offer examples from your career, to demonstrate what you can offer to the company that is different from other applicants. You can also give a short persuasive summary of your resume and justify why you are the best applicant for the job.

"Tell me about yourself"- is another tricky requirement that most applicants fear. Most candidates answer in fragments and talk about certain professional and personal experience. You have to know that this is not the best approach and instead you can say why you are the best applicant for the job. Then, you can review your experience, strengths, achievements, skills and present some examples from your career.

"What are your long term goals?" - is another question given by the interviewers to applicants which can make their brain freeze. Many candidates think how to answer this question. The first thing here is to avoid telling about your dreams and aspiration in life, unless it is pertained to the job position or to the field you are applying for. This question is meant to highlight and to focus on the goals of your career. Analyze how much time you have given yourself to achieve your career goals and what action plan you have to fulfill them. You can also add how the position that you are applying for fulfills your career goals. It is wise to include the information mentioned when asked about your long term goals.

"What is your greatest weakness?" is another tough question for the applicants. No candidate wants to say something that can influence your employer to not hire you. But, you still want to look human by offering him an example of weakness. The best response to this question is to mention a small weakness in your career that you are trying to overcome. The silliest thing you can do is to give strength as a weakness, because it is clearly not the answer to the question. By giving a weakness your employer can see that you are honest with yourself and you have the power to admit when you are wrong.

Interviews are sometimes the hardest part of a job application for most candidates. The employer's questions are the part where most employees make mistakes that can sometimes cost them the job. Above are listed some of the toughest questions of an interview and how you can tackle them. Remember to be prepared and to have some answers ready for the questions before the interview, because you certainly don't want to have a mental blockage.

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