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Top Five Skills your Interviewer Looking for

Interviews are difficult for many applicants and only a few of them know how to ace them. Most applicants prepare their presentation, do research on the questions asked by the employer and try to find the best answers to them. Few candidates know what the central skills that the employers are looking for are. That is why candidates sometimes fail the interview or come in after other applicants. Below are the top five skills that your interviewer is looking for and you must present them in order to obtain the job.


The first skill that most employers look for in a candidate is professionalism. They want to see if the applicant is professional by how they present themselves. The applicant has to be professional at all levels: their attire, resume presentation and how organized they are. The area of professionalism extends to how much you will operate in the job if you will get it. So, dress in a suit or wear a dress, be clean, neat and well groomed. Also, bring all the documents you need, have enough copies of the reading material so that everyone can read at the same time if you are interviewed by a team. Bring as many business cards, resumes and samples as much as you can.

Communication skills are crucial to your employer. They want to see that you are able to express yourself under pressure. Employers need someone who can talk with the clients, supervisors and with other employees. So, in order to demonstrate to the employer that you have the required communication skills you have to prepare a summary of your best achievements, skills, qualifications and experience. Also, prepare a list of draft questions and your answers to them, and try a mock interview with your friend or colleague and record it. Play it and see where you are making mistakes and what all are the areas of improvement and correct those mistake by repeating the mock interview repeatedly. The employer has to see that you know how to communicate efficient and accurate. Employers also check that whether you are a good listener or not. An interview while conducting interview provides a lot of information and if you are not paying attention to those details then you are making a fatal mistake.

Another skill that employers look for in an applicant is if they are able to think for themselves. For example, if a problem appears, the applicant has to be able to analyze and find the best solutions for it. By possessing this characteristic, they cut down on the handholding the employer needs to have with them. Describe your employer a situation when you used your analytic skills and solved a problem when you were asked.

Multi-tasking skills are vital to an employer, because they want the candidate to juggle with different tasks at once. The multi-tasking skills are difficult to prove at an interview. The best thing the candidate can do is to describe an achievement that required multi-tasking skills.

The hiring manager cannot ask directly the applicant how they work in a team environment because it wouldn't be relevant. But, they can find this out by asking the candidate to offer an example from their career when they, in collaboration with a team, delivered productive results.

In order to have a successful interview you have to remember that one of the most important things that the employer seeks for to know is what skills you have and how you present them. You have to know that the most common skills that employers look for are professionalism at all levels; communication skills; analytic skills; multi-tasking and interpersonal skills. An important detail that you have to remember is how you describe these skills. The best way to describe them is by offering the employer examples of situations that you have resolved with the help of your skills.

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