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About Entry Level Engineering Job

Nowadays, every discipline offers the student many opportunities after he graduates. But remember that some fields and industries are better and wealthier than others. The engineering industry for example has become more and more in demand in the last few years, but the first thing you have to consider is the entry level of your career after you graduate.


After you graduate from your engineering program, you will surely wonder what company you should work for, if you should choose the private or the public sector and what entry level salary you will have. Recent grads in the engineering field have many reasons to be optimistic, because despite the bad economical situation, employers have many advantageous job offers for them. Graduates with a Bachelor's Degree in mechanical, electrical, chemical and computer engineering, as well as computer science are in high demand. There are several career planning steps you should take in order to compete with other engineering job-seekers.

When it comes to the working conditions of an entry level engineering position, they are approximately the same, no matter what the industry is. If you are an entry level engineer, you can first expect to start as an assistant to an experienced engineer. Entry level engineers in large companies are given in-house courses so that they can be properly developed according to the standards of the company. After that, with time, the engineers will receive more duties and tasks in their job to create designs and troubleshoot. Engineers learn more hands on experience, so they can become engineering specialists or they can sometimes take a managerial role.

Recent grads who are looking for an entry level engineering job have many options. First they can conduct online searches in their field of interest; they can access social networks or blogs for engineers or sites like or There they will find job descriptions, salaries, internships and other training opportunities. Enroll in an internship at an organization in need of engineers! The organizations who offer internships are usually utility companies, research organizations and machinery and equipment manufacturers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the required qualification to get an entry level job is a minimum four-year degree in engineering for most entry-level jobs. But, you have to know that there are employers who are looking for more training than that. Employers need graduates with good communication and writing skills, as well as the maturity needed for productive teamwork.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics have found that the salaries for an entry level engineering job with a Bachelor's Degree range from about $48,000 to $61,000, depending on the specialty and the job. You can also have medical insurance, benefits, and opportunities for signing bonuses. Bonuses are usually for graduates hired by utility and chemical companies, consulting service firms and others engineering fields. Here are some median salaries for some specific specialties: civil engineer $58,000; aerospace engineer $75,000; lead engineer $85,000; electronics engineer $72,000; general engineer $74,000.

If you are a recent graduate and you are looking for a job in the engineering field, you can consider joining organizations like the National Society of Professional Engineers in order to stay in touch with the trends and the latest news in the field. This organization offers many information resources and many opportunities to interact with engineers in your community.

The engineering field has become more and more developed nowadays, so if you are a recent engineer graduate, you can be optimistic because this field offers you many opportunities.

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