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Afghanistan Jobs

Afghanistan jobs are available in plenty. After the war, the country is struggling to get back in its feet. You can get a good job in an evolving company. They range from construction jobs to service jobs. Owing to its war face, more jobs are available in the military field.

Afghanistan is a war torn country that is budding in the world market. If you want a contractual job in which you work in Afghanistan and come back to your own country, Afghanistan jobs is a good option.


Before considering a job in a place like Afghanistan, you have to be aware of all the social and economic problems that this country is facing in the midst of wars and the subsequent uncertainties. In the Middle East, there are wars everywhere and it is not a very safe place to live, so most jobs in the area are somehow related to the military. However, if you have to go there and you are not related in any way to the military, there are some things you can look into. No matter what, make sure this is the right choice for you. You have to get used to a country that has a very different culture and custom than yours.

Here are some job ideas you can look into, depending on your desires and experience. You can try and get a job for the US government. You do not really have to work in the military, you can very well get hired in airline jobs – they always need personnel. Try to find a government job opening through a job agency. You do have to understand that to work for the government, you need to meet certain imposed criteria. You will have to undergo and pass a drug test, medical tests and you have to be a US citizen. Of course, every job has its own demands regarding the skills and abilities a candidate must have, so these may vary from one employer to the other.

Another way to find a safe job is by working for a private company, even a small one. There are many small companies in Afghanistan that have various businesses, not related to the military at all. Your best bet is to search through a job agency or even online. Web sites like could be of help to you. Of course, you can also look into what US companies have branches in Afghanistan.

If you have been working in the military and are now a veteran, the Veterans of America could find you a job as a civilian. Just go to them and see what jobs they have available. Experience is also important for some positions. Make sure you have the experience required in the field you want to work in. Most employers in Afghanistan will not give work to people who don't have any previous experience – mainly because they cannot afford to make mistakes with the people they hire. If such a mistake is made, people have to be sent back and replacements have to be made, which means more dangers and expenses to the companies that are hiring. Not everyone wants or is fit to work in a country like Afghanistan.

Working in Afghanistan is not easy and not that safe either. Regardless of the dangers imposed by the wars, it is still a beautiful country with a lot of potential for economic growth. Once you get used to it, you may even start liking it. When your contract is over and you go back home, you will have some interesting stories to tell to your friends for sure!

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