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Calgary is a city where about one million people live. As the largest city in Alberta, Calgary is on the same meridian with London or Paris, Vancouver or Seattle. This means you should expect long summer days and also long winter nights. It is said that in comparison with other regions or provinces in Canada, Alberta, and therefore Calgary, is the one to have the biggest resemblances with the U. S. So if you're looking to move there, let's take a closer look at what you might find.


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When living in Calgary, you can see in the distance the Rocky Mountains but nothing else than prairie around you. No other important cities or towns are located nearby and some might feel isolated in there.

If you are a lover of winter, cold and winter sports, you will definitely be more than pleased with the short summers and the long winters. If you are looking for history and great culture you will be a little bit disappointed since Calgary doesn't excel at this aspect and the living expenses are rather higher than in other Canadian cities. However you will find a lot of other reasons for being happy there, like: the low taxes and the low level of unemployment; the friendly people, the clean air, the winter sports practiced at the Olympic Park. If living expenses are higher so are the salaries, which would be a plus if you know how to manage your personal expenses and to sum up, we are talking about a huge province who still has attractive and modern facilities and an amazing landscape and view to clean your eyes every single day.


Calgary is considered to be one of the wealthiest in Canada. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Alberta is the second provider of oils after Saudi Arabia. They have low taxes so many entrepreneurs have come there to start businesses and the local policy encourages such initiatives by reducing the taxes to only 16 percent for small businesses.

In 2010, the national average of the unemployment rate was of 8.3, while Calgary had only 7.2. Things have changed a little bit because of this world financial crash, and the price of oil has decreased, but still, this industry continues to provide the highest salaries in this town. But since we have mentioned statistics, I should share the good news that the tendency of hiring in the next month is expected to be bigger than the one for cutting jobs.

Schools and universities as well as the government are places where one could find something to work, even though not for extraordinary incomes, but rather reasonable ones. Public finances are just another place to take a glance at, and keep in mind that there is no tax required when doing sales in Alberta, nor so in Calgary.

Still, one major drawback when looking for a job in here would be the fact that employers tend to be interested more in locals than in migrants. But if you have good recommendations and you have what it takes, you will find something. Otherwise, low paid working opportunities are quite a lot in Calgary.


If we turn back to the internet, we will discover there are more than eight thousand job offers for Calgary. Most of them are about constructions and trades followed by the tourism with bars, foods, hotels, then comes the sales sector, child care jobs and plenty of offers for general labor. You can have a look just to be sure.

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