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Charlotte Jobs

When you say North Caroline, you obviously think of Charlotte, which is the largest city of this state. Being one of the most important financial centers of the United States, home of the League National Football and of a beloved team, Carolina Panthers and with its very impressive nickname of Queen City, Charlotte is a place you might find great for living. People feel safe there, they enjoy the cultural and leisure activities at any hour of the night, are extremely pleased with how the city looks and with what they can achieve in there.


Charlotte's economy

Charlotte is the home of Bank of America and the second banking center in U. S., after New York. Duke energy, SPX (a corporation specialized in industrial technology), Family Dollar, Sonic Automotive, Lowe's, Nucor (a profitable steel producer), Food Lion, Carlisle Companies, Coca Cola Bottling and Time Warner Cable are just a few of the most important companies that operates in Charlotte, some of them actually being in the 500 Fortune top. There are many information technology companies operating in Charlotte like in Accenture, 12th Colony Software, Access Data Technologies Inc. Opportunities are very good in IT felid as they provide huge job openings given you have proper skills and qualifications.

CC Air, which is a regional carrier of the US airways, has its headquarters established in there.

Furthermore just to get you an idea about the buying power of its citizens, there are quite a few large malls in Charlotte, the three largest being Carolina Place, South Park and Northlake.

The motor sports industry is flourishing here just like the energetic industry, for which reason this city has been named the new capital of Energy in the U. S. A.

Best employers

We have seen that the economy of Charlotte is very strong, that there are many people living there, and that there are high living standards and very good conditions provided by all those important names that came with their businesses in Charlotte. But some of those companies have won the reputation for offering the most attractive conditions and rewards to their employees, and if you are looking to establish yourself in Charlotte it would not hurt you to know what and where to look for.

Alston and Bird is a law firm working in this industry for more than a century. They are all about tradition and performance and they have discovered that one key to success is stimulating your employees. Moreover they encourage mothers and young families by offering them great features. All new moms can get paid leave for three months; if they adopt children, they could receive up to 7000 dollars; when pregnant, they are benefit from special perks. They have an onsite child care facility and also a so called maternity closet for recycling the clothes.

Starbuck is a huge name, but one who seems to shrink after announcing new stores shut and personnel cut off. If you were wondering why I am mentioning it here, it's because the company is still a great place to work, mainly for those interested in part time offers; its employees benefit from a highly attractive health insurance.

Nordstrom, CarMax, Men's Wear house, Bright Horizons, Deloitte and Microsoft are some names you should look for when surveying the job market in Charlotte.


Everybody is affected by this economical crisis, it's true, but if you do get to work for one of them, and you do your work as good as you can, great rewards will be put aside for you and you won't regret at all having started a new life in Charlotte. Any new beginning is difficult, so be patient and optimistic and keep looking. Chances are you'll find your dream job.

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