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CNA Job Description

Many times people decide and plan from childhood what they want to become in their life. Some do not have any goal until they reach a particular point in their life. Some people may even decide their goal after changing two three careers. There is nothing wrong in that because it depends on the people when they want to bring stability in their career life. Some people have some goal set in their mind but fail to achieve it because they are not sure of it or they do not exactly have an idea about the nature of the job. Same is the case with the job of a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. So, if you have any doubts regarding this job then ease your worries, because this page will give you a clear idea of what the job is.


Certified nursing assistant is a medical trained person who can work in various settings. A CNA is also called a patient care technician, a personal care assistant or a health aide. A CNA has several duties and needs to posses some skills, which are common for the job. A Certified Nursing Assistant is under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. There are situations when the CNA can have a more direct contact with the patients than the doctors or nurses. As a result, a CNA is mainly responsible for the patient's personal needs and for the patient's care.

A CNA's job description however goes beyond just attending the patient's needs. A Certified Nursing Assistant is a very important element in the health care system. The CNA's job description refers to the responsibilities and duties of every certified nurse. A CNA has to be able to take and monitor a patient's vital signs: blood pressure, respiration, temperature, etc. A nurse also needs to know information regarding the changing of catheter bags or charting amounts. A Certified Nurse Assistant has to know the medical equipment and has to be able to collect sputum/ stool/ urine specimens from patients.

A CNA has to take care of the patient's daily toilet and has the responsibility of bathing and dressing/ undressing the patient. Bathing can refer to shower, bed bath or tub bath. Another duty of a CNA not only refers to the oral and nail care, but also to the patient's basic hygiene. Feeding the patients represents other responsibility of a CNA. Some patients will need direct feeding; some through a tube, while others might just need a tray of food. Assisting and helping the patient to use the urinal or bathroom are other responsibilities. Some patients may need the CNA's help with a bedpan.

A CNA has to offer ambulance assistance: there are patients who need help getting in and out of wheelchairs, beds or bathtubs, etc. Helping a person moving around the bed and doing motion exercises are other important duties part of a Certified Nurse Assistant's job. They are also responsible for organizing the patient's room: changing the bed linens, collecting soiled laundry, etc. Another duty of a CNA is to move and turn bedridden patients, in order to weight off pressure and to prevent bedsores. Other responsibilities are: the admission and discharge procedures; track a patient's medical history and prepare patients for treatment or surgery.

Not only that a Certified Nursing Assistant has to take care of the patient's physical condition, but also of his mental and emotional health. That is why a Certified Nurse Assistant needs to have a good rapport with the patients, to talk respectfully, warmly and tenderly. A CNA is has to provide some kind of emotional support to the patient, because it is he/she who the patient comes very often in direct contact with.

A CNA's job can be performed in a hospital setting, residential facility or at the patient's home. The hospital setting is the most demanding of the three and that incorporates all age groups and level of care. Residential facilities can refer to retirement homes, assisted living facilities or adult day care facilities. A CNA can also perform the job to the patient's private home. This way the CNA could work one-to-one with the patient and can have additional duties: laundry, cleaning or light cooking.

You must have got a clear idea about the profile now. So, if you wish to take CNA as a profession, then definitely go for it.

All the best and have a great future!

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