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Construction Jobs in London

Construction jobs are very popular jobs in London. There are various levels of job profile in this category starting from a construction worker, a manager or a supervisor. Construction workers build office buildings, residential buildings, bridges and a lot more. There are people who do the actual work and the ones who supervise them. The people that do full time labor work are called construction workers, usually masons, and work in teams. Supervisors on the other hand are the team managers. Construction jobs in London are very popular because of the abundance of construction work carried in London.


The first step for someone who wants to work in the construction field is to decide whether they want to do the job of a laborer or that of a manager. A lot depends on the person's preparation, education and previous experience. A construction worker with a lot of field experience can sometimes become a team manager or supervisor. People working as team managers or supervisors on construction site need to handle a lot of paper work and also coordinate with various departments for the smooth working of the project. However, it is better if this person is trained and qualified for the job. They need to possess an architect degree or a construction engineering degree apart from a high school diploma certification. For those with the experience in this industry can opt for various full time jobs such as Specification Sales Engineers, Senior Construction Planning Engineers, Project Managers and others.

Another step would be the exploration of the various construction jobs because there are virtually endless possibilities. There are many workers on a construction site and not all of them do the same type of work. Some perform general tasks whereas other do carpentry or install doors. Skilled workers such as plumbers, electricians and painters are required for specific tasks. You need to take into consideration your own skills and knowledge in order to decide the type of work that best suits your profile as well as your identity.

If you want to know how much the compensation and benefits the job offers, you can visit specific websites, which contain details of the salary for each occupation. However, before deciding your future job on the construction site, one needs to be certain of the following factors:

  • Survey the type of construction: There are various projects undertaken by the government or private builders. The type of construction thus differs. This includes construction of bridges, office buildings or Housing societies. Example, a skilled worker such as an electrician might not find a job in the construction site of a road.
  • Check the number of projects in hand: If construction sites do not have much work that could not last even for a year, there is no point working for such projects.
  • Make sure that your skills and qualifications are utilized to the optimum
  • Weather conditions affect work: One should be aware of the changing weather conditions and plan your work taking this factor into consideration. Heavy rains, snow or storm might hinder the work of construction.
  • Research and verify details of the firms that hire you: Candidates should prefer working for a bigger company which has more projects to handle. This directly implies more job opportunities and security for the future.
  • Be a person who can perform multiple tasks: Prepare yourself to undertake multiple tasks in the construction areas (two or three would be more than enough). Most organizations are glad to hire a person who is well versed in all the fields of construction. This gives the candidate an edge over the others.

A lot of construction jobs in London are available at Balfour Beatty plc, Kier and The Sisk Group to name a few. If you have made up your mind to work in this profession, check for the best companies to begin a fruitful career in this field.

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