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Design Jobs

There are many designers out there: graphic designers, web designers, fashion designers, architects, interior designers and even outdoor designers. All those aspirants who are trying to get design jobs must have University studies done on the matter at hand and in order to be successful, they need a lot of practice and experience. Talent and desire to learn every day are key skills for a future designer, no matter the domain of activity. Do not forget that designers must bring something new to the world, and mainly to those using their products. For the best chances out there, a future designer should have prepared a portfolio to present during the interview. The Fashion designer must have knowledge on how to combine colors, textures and prints. These are aspects studied in all arts schools. Other things a Fashion designer needs to know is what types of cuts fit which body shape, in order to create the best clothes for everyone. It is known that these days the designers will not take into consideration the body shape, but this is more the job of a personal fashion stylist.


The Graphic designers and the Web designers these days have a similar job. They need to conceive the overall look of the web or of the advertising. Usually, a graphic designer can be a web designer, but a web designer can't really be a graphic designer. It depends of course on the area of activity of each. Graphic designers user methods like pictures, animations, multimedia and various print and layout technologies to convey the messages across print and electronic media. These designers work really close with the clients in order to find the best solutions for each side. The job profiles of a web designer are:

  • Creating and arrangement of web pages
  • Web page functionality
  • Maintenance and update of the website
On the other hand, job profile of a graphic designer are
  • Creating designs ,concepts and sample layouts
  • Making new images using graphic soft wares
  • Making logos, developing graphics and other artwork.
The Architects and Interior and Exterior designers most of the times have different kinds of clients, but the common two clients to all of them are either public institutions or different types of companies. Due to growing population, the need of new houses, offices and buildings are also growing. Architect is one job profile that is always in demand no matter what. People are seeking out architects to chart out their dream house projects. Builders are hiring architects to make design for their upcoming projects like commercial building, residential complex and educational institutions. Once the construction is over, interior and exterior designers come in picture for the designing of the project. Their job is to make the place beautiful and attractive and a pleasure to visit or live.

To have a career as a designer is not only wanted because it offers the possibility to get famous and remain in the minds of people for generations to come, but also because it offers the possibility of a high annual income. A recent statistic shows that, on average, last year designers gained between US$ 45,000 and US$ 100,000. Such difference is due to various areas of work these designers come from. Not only do these professionals earn a lot, but they also work hard for it. They are working most of the times against the clock (or with a deadline) because of the clients demand. At times, they need to adjust the project as they go along, because unseen issues appear all the time and they need to be solved before the project is due. Before taking up a designers job one needs to be sure that they can handle such work pressure in a given time.

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