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Entry Level Jobs with Great Advancements

When choosing a career one has to consider many factors like education, training, salary or interest. Many students usually start with entry level jobs after finishing college. First of all entry level positions are for those who have minimal or no hands on experience in the field to which they are applying for a job. The applicants for entry level jobs are usually recent college grads, who spent most of their time concentrating on education as a foundation for their professional experience.


These entry level jobs do not offer them many responsibilities, a higher salary or are not that exciting. Today, there are many entry level jobs that offer many opportunities than others. There are entry level jobs that offer the employee a better position, a better paycheck and more tasks and responsibilities. Here are some entry level jobs that offer the employee the possibility to advance really fast.

Data communications analyst is considered to be one of the greatest entry level jobs. This is a very good technical job that the applicant can definitely consider. This entry level job, as well as many other IT jobs means making up for the education that one did not received with the field experience. Applicants who start as a data communications analysts can choose their specialty in IT and could easily become senior IT professionals. A data communications analyst has an annually salary of approximately $60.000.

Financial analyst is another entry level position with great advancement. Many applicants think that choosing a position in this field is a bad idea due to the terrible economy. This is not true because people seek for financial counseling now more than ever. So, students can easily start a financial services career with an entry level financial analyst job. Financial analysts learn about the relation between the financial investment world and the business, banks or securities companies. In order to become a financial analyst one is required to have a Degree either in Statistics, Business or Finance. Financial analysts can earn up to $60.000.

Today, a successful green industry is environmental engineering. Nowadays more and more companies from private but also from public sector look ways to promote and to build green. Applicants with a degree in engineering can easily become an environmental engineer and earn a great salary. They first begin as an apprentice to an environmental engineer and then can contract and enroll an individual team. An environmental engineer can have an average salary of $70.000.

Another field that applicants should consider is public relations; more and more companies and people need public relations departments. An entry level public relations assistant needs to work a lot of hours. But he can rapidly evolve to public relations supervisor. A public relations professional can earn up to $45.000.

An entry level marketing research analysts is another great job that many candidates should consider, especially those with a marketing degree. Market analysts are responsible for researching the market and finding what customers think, look and buy. This position requires long hours of research and analysis. Market analyst is another entry level job with great advancement; the applicant can rapidly evolve to a senior position. Market analysts usually receive an average salary of approximately $68.000.

These are some domains and industries which offer entry level jobs with great advancement. As seen above these positions allow the student to rapidly evolve on the employment market and to get a higher salary.

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