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General Management Jobs

A general manager is an important player in the efficient and smooth running of operations in a company. The manager is in charge of planning, directing and coordinating different aspects of his operating field. However, the manager's responsibilities vary by each business. General managers must have specific qualities such as flexibility, motivation, determination and self-confidence. General managers can work in different businesses such as restaurants, hotels, theaters and here are a few descriptions of the responsibilities of managers in each specific industry.


Restaurant General Manager

The work of a restaurant manager can get quite challenging; but it can also be a fulfilling career. A general manager is in charge of making all the financial decisions for the restaurant and verifying if orders have been placed correctly and if the fees were paid properly. General managers are responsible for the determination of personnel payment, including raises. They must try to diminish costs and increase profit for the restaurant by enforcing quality standards and by teaching employees how to up sell to clients. Generally, managers have the duty to plan day-to-day and long-term operations of the restaurant. Such planning includes the work schedule of employees, the estimation of what amount of food and beverages will be needed in a day, week or a month. Restaurant general managers have other staff related duties which include interviews, hiring and firing employees. When it comes to the customer services duties, the manager must ensure that the customer has a positive experience and if there is a complaint, the manager must figure out how to deal with it quickly. The general manager also inspects the facilities and monitors staff sanitary and protection procedures.

Hotel General Manager

Because the hotels can be very busy places to work, it is essential for a general manager to be competent. A hotel general manager must have leadership skills because s/he is in charge of directing the hotel staff and other managers. The manager is a connection between the hotel customers and the hotel personnel and s/he resolves disputes when needed, and makes sure that the guests and hotel financial requirements are equaled. Besides liaison responsibilities and leadership, a hotel manager must have exceptional communication skills because the manager is centrally the face of the hotel and s/he must outline the hotel in an intelligent and clear method. On a regular basis, the hotel manager controls the daily fiscal reports of the hotel and for this, s/he must know to work with numbers, direct different worksheets and make important fiscal choices.

Theater General Manager

A theater general manager is one of the most important positions in a theater and an effective manager is a key player on a theater's front office. The general manager supervises the personnel of the theater, handles fund-raising, legal issues, advertising and public relations for the company. S/he has the duty to oversee basic human resources responsibilities, as well as hiring and firing staff, training new personnel and evaluating employees. Along with the artistic and executive director, the general manager works on a strategic plan in order to meet the objectives of the theater.

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