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Government Jobs

If you are looking for government jobs, then you have come to the right place and you probably have read this someplace else too. What you possibly did not find out is how or where to do it, and if you can do it. Working for the government (at least in the United States, and most likely it isn't much different for many other countries) does not always mean being involved in politics.


Working for the government is a serious, high-paying job. There are many people out there who would like to get a government job, but of course not everyone meets the strict criteria. Open government positions have indeed clear and strict requirements.

First, you have to be a citizen of United States and need to have a social security number. People, who are not national citizens, are not allowed to apply for a government job. If you have lost your social security card, you need to get a new one before being taken into consideration. There are some age limitations as well; you cannot apply if you are younger than 18 years old, except if you are enrolled in some type of program. If you want to work in the military, you have to be younger than 37 years. These conditions vary, so you should make sure the information is correct when you directly apply for the desired job. Your criminal record will be checked – if you had problems with the law, even small ones, it may be harder for you to get employed in the government. Sometimes this is not the case, especially if your violation was not particularly important, but another candidate having a clean record and the same experience will be preferred by the employers.

When a job is available, the way in which the request is written is very stringent. This must include the exact skills and abilities a person possesses to get the job, the training or classes the person must undertake if needed and the requirements of the job. The employers must make sure that they hire the right person for such a position and that no one who does not fit the profile will apply. The job request also has to mention the method for the selection of the candidates. If it is an interview, a written test, or anything else: must be specified. People who apply will have to fill in a certain specific form, and to provide the necessary paperwork that shows that they have the right skills, abilities and qualifications to do the required job. People who are looking for a job opening in a specific location might have to search for the exact location. At times employers seek for a region specific applicant, so it is advised to search for region-specific jobs. For example, if there is a job opening in New York and 5 candidates have applied for the job. The person who is a local resident of New York will get the most preference during selection than the remaining four candidates. Another intelligent way of searching for job is to search job with specific keywords. This will narrow down your search to the exact kind of job profile you are looking for and will help you get more focused on the available jobs.

There are many times when a vacancy in government job gets filled only after 3 or more months, because of the slow recruiting process. If you do decide this is the right career path for you, make sure you have what it takes to do it. You have to possess the education needed, obviously. So you may want to look into taking more classes or going back to school if you believe this will ensure you a good government job.

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