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Government of Canada Jobs

Government of Canada Jobs are secure and can help you get a Canadian citizenship. The government of Canada helps its people get a good lifestyle once they get a job Government jobs always have an air of pride and stature surrounding it. A person with a government job is always looked up to. People feel that government jobs have an aura of security and assurance. If you succeed in availing a government job then your life is set. The recession has hit the government sector, but the effect is not as profound as the other sectors. When the jobs offered by the governments are more and more rare with every day that passes, we could say that if you get such a job, you are a lucky person, and that your career is ensured for the rest of your life.


If you are looking forward to fly to Canada, then you can be rest assured about the government job opportunities over there. Along with a reasonable pay scale, the Canadian government also promises a great future in the existent government jobs. The Canadian government has recently published a list of job openings, and, in the following paragraphs, we will analyze some of them in detail.


If you have a degree in Psychology, then you should know that the Department of National Defense is looking for a psychologist. You will have to work in various locations, depending on the exact tasks that you will be given. The salary is around 70,000 dollars a year and you may apply for this job until December 31, 2011, but you should be fully aware of the fact that the Canadian citizens will get priority.

You should have a Master's Degree in Psychology or a doctorate diploma and you should demonstrate that your experience is relevant enough in order to be entrusted with this job. Even if you think that you do not fulfill all the necessary conditions for this job, you should still send an application, as a database will be constituted, and later job vacancies could be filled with the available candidates.


If you love working with animals and you happen to have a certification in this field, then you could be interested in a veterinarian position within the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. If you get the job, then you will be requested to work in various locations across Western Canada, so you would have to re-locate frequently. The income that you will receive is around 70,000 dollars a year, and, for that, you would have to work full time. Working overtime and shifting work are also a few possibilities. In this case, the Canadian citizens are not preferred, so you can apply without fear of being rejected because of this criterion. It is a must that you speak English very well and that you are a veterinary school graduate, recognized by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Ship crew

The Government of Canada has announced that there are a few job openings within the Canadian Coast Guard, more exactly those of deckhand, cook and/ or steward and oiler. The wage is 21 dollars per hour and the Canadian citizens will be preferred. You are supposed to speak both English and French fluently. A database will be created, from which the Coast Guard will later on select other new members of its staff.

You can also find umpteen numbers of government bank jobs in places like Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Alberta, New Brunswick and many other places. If you are interested in pursuing a career in any of the fields mentioned above, or wish to work in Canada then pull up your socks and get started with all the immigration formalities that is required. These are only a few examples of the job vacancies proposed by the Government of Canada. Moreover, we can say that they are interesting ones, as they offer a more than medium income, an interesting working environment and credible institutions as employers.

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