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Great Paying Entry Level Jobs

To climb up to the top of the ladder you need to step on the first step. You cannot reach the top without stepping on the initial steps. Similarly to reach a peak in your career life you, need to start from the minimal position. When you complete your studies, you will not be offered a top position in the beginning for obvious reasons. Hence you have to aim for an entry level position. An entry level position is the stepping stone for a great future. As an entry level candidate, you sit on a beneficial position. You get to learn a lot from your seniors and at the same time you also get to earn a reasonable remuneration from the job.


When talking about entry level jobs, usually people think of minimal responsibilities and a low salary. Entry level jobs are usually for recent grads or for those who choose to embark on a new field. There are many industries which offer great jobs with a well-paid salary. Below are just some of the best paying entry level jobs in the current employment market.

Business Management or Marketing

Many people think that in order to get a position in management, you need to have hands-on experience and education. The truth is that you can get an entry level management position if you have a Bachelors or Masters in Business Administration or in Marketing. Marketing or Sales Managers are usually responsible for helping firms and companies to develop and implement strategy campaigns in order to sell their products or services more efficiently to customers. Nowadays, entry level Marketing and Sales Managers with a degree can have a starting salary of about $80.000, which is not bad at all.

Financial Analyst

Working as a financial analyst is another great idea one can definitely try. Entry level positions as financial analysts are usually paid with approximately $84.000. In order to obtain an entry level job as a financial analyst one needs at least a Bachelor Degree in Economics, Accounting or other financial related disciplines. The main duty of the financial analyst is to analyze the financial investment options for private and public companies. Some might think that is a bad choice due to the bad economy, but the truth is that people need more financial advice now than ever.

Registered Nurses

Entry level registered nurses can earn in their first year up to $64.000. So for those with medical studies, this is a great entry level job. Nurses are responsible for assisting doctors and for treating patients.

High School Teachers

Usually we think that High School Teachers have a low salary, but we should not be fooled by this stereotype. The average salary for an entry level High School Teacher is of approximately $59.000. This salary varies with the school, school level, district and subject. Also it depends on the education and certification; the candidate needs at least a Bachelors Degree in Teaching and a state certification.

Education Administrators

Education administration is another great paying entry level job. This job is on the same field as the High School Teachers, but the difference is that Education Administrators work as managers. They supervise the academic performance of the teaching staff at a high school or at the district level. The salary of an Education administrator is usually based on the level for which the administrator is responsible. The average starting salary for an entry level education administrator is of $80,000. A state certification and a Bachelors Degree are at least required for an entry level education administrator.

The types of positions presented above are surely destroying the stereotype according to which entry level jobs offer a low salary and few responsibilities. Some of the great paying entry level jobs in the actual economical situation are Sales Managers, Financial Analysts, Registered Nurses,

High School Teachers and Education Administrators. These entry level jobs offer a starting salary of about $60,000–$80,000. These jobs usually require applicants who at least have a Bachelors Degree.

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