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The Greatest Green Collar Jobs

"GO GREEN" is the phrase on the lips of the entire planet today. People are looking towards new ways, techniques, and technologies to combat the ever-increasing ecological crises. In this era of "green revolution", the Gen X is searching for jobs that would help make the world a bit greener. Everybody wants to do his or her bit. For such enthusiastic eco-friendly job seekers the magic word is Green Jobs

The green economy is a part of the global economy, producing commodities and services that provide environmental benefit. This can include clean energy production, constructing green buildings, energy and water efficient design and construction, conservation, E-waste and other waste management, and numerous other industries that are all a part of the general shift in the way we use and produce energy and eliminate waste.


Green jobs include workers in nearly every industry who are jumping into the wagon going from ecologically destructive energy and towards a more sustainable economy. Some of the cities in US, which are taking huge steps in generating green jobs, are:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Berkeley, California
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • New York, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • San Francisco, California
  • Seattle, Washington

Green jobs or green-collared jobs are those that will have a positive impact on the environment. The US has assured to create or save over 5 million green jobs in the next decade. They are spending whopping $40 billion that will be used to create green jobs. This is a welcome news for all environment lovers and job seekers. In today's global scenario, where the entire world economy has been hit by recession, a concept of green jobs should bring a smile to all those who have worst suffered due to recession.

Many such green jobs will be having applied use of your previous job responsibilities. If you are someone searching for green jobs or someone who is a victim of lay-offs and searching for new jobs, you have come to the right place. You now have access to a detailed list of green jobs for which you can consider applying.

Solar Power Installer
This job requires you to set up solar power kits in homes, office buildings, and other places where solar energy usage will be beneficial. Most solar panels are very huge, covering several square meters or medium range. You need to have excellent knowledge about photovoltaic cells and main components of the kit.
This can be sometimes risky, as you may have to go over the roofs of homes. However, with a salary of close to $40 an hour, this is certainly not a bad job at all.

Green Engineering / Environmental Engineering
As green engineers, you need to devise new technologies that would help the green revolution. You need to design hardware/software applications that will help tackle e-waste that we create every day. Other applications include electronic inventions that help reduce the use of paper as paper is made from wood, resulting in deforestation. Average annual salary: $77,000

Turbine Manufacturer/ Electrician
In this job, you will need to work on wind turbines. Several communities are adopting wind energy systems and setting up wind farms in huge tracts of land. This is also very common in coastal areas, where the wind force produces electricity enough to power approximately a hundred homes.
As a wind turbine fabricator, your work can range from producing the parts to building the tower.

Mechanic/installer's average annual salary: $50,000

Manager To ensure consumers have availability to sustainable, ecologically aware products, as they are more in demand since buyers are becoming aware of environmental issues. Sales managers coordinate a company's sales efforts, train and advise salespeople, and collect valuable market research about customer's preferences.
It is becoming common for B-schools to offer special degrees for green job seekers, like a bachelor's degree in business with a specialty in green and sustainable enterprise management.

Green Architecture
The United States of America is one of the many countries that are adopting green architecture. They are using energy-efficient materials to minimize carbon footprint. The green architect's job, therefore, is to ensure that such types of materials will be made optimum use of. Although you should know that before you can practice the profession, you will need to achieve a certification in green design. Average annual salary: $80,000

Urban Planning
The job of an urban planner is to make sure that the entire society is working towards reducing the carbon footprint. It is also one of your key duties to develop contingency plans in cases like floods and trash/waste build-up, which are common problems in urban areas.

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