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Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs

Those who want to apply for this job must complete a specialized training program in order to be qualified for the job. The work positions are offered from private construction organizations, civil engineering or the government. In order to get this job, you need to have a commercial driver license as well as heavy vehicle driver license. Apart from this, the last criteria for getting this job is that you need to have desired experience in operator job as well as good amount of experience as an apprentice operator. There are a few types of heavy equipment operator jobs and here are a few examples.


Bulldozer Operator

A bulldozer operator is the person who runs a tractor, which has a bulldozer blade attached. Usually, bulldozers are used to move rocks, soils and other heavy material, in different locations ranging from the construction sites to the battlefield. A bulldozer operator has the responsibility to maintain the equipment used, not only to run it. The operator must come early at the job site, to make sure that their equipment is functioning, and to clean and lubricate their tractors. Heavy equipment operator job seeker need to have knowledge of the mechanics of their machine so that if they malfunction, they can be fixed on the work site, while for major repair work, the bulldozer may be sent to service for an appropriate revision. As for work, bulldozer operators can work in road construction, building sites, mine, quarries and agricultural activities. The operators use the tractors and blades to move rock to other locations, scoop out and level the soil. Bulldozers can push rocks, sand, dirt and can also be used to demolish structures such as houses and sheds. Because of the risk of this hazardous work, the operator must be aware of the job site hazards which could affect the bulldozer and also they must be careful about other workers who could get injured accidentally. Operators risk their health at this job because they inhale dust, fumes and other types of pollution.

Crane Operator

A crane operator is a professional who works in constructions and has the duty to inspect the condition of the work according to the setting of his crane. After the machine is settled, he is in charge of managing it and transporting material such as equipment, machinery and other construction elements. The crane operator must know how much material can be lifted safely with his carne, especially in bad weather conditions and he must always check his crane for any malfunction or defect. A crane operator must have a good physical condition in order to perform his duties efficiently. A good vision is important along with balance and dexterity, which are vital for safety. An operator must have a valid driver's license for operating a crane and must possess aptitudes for operating the machinery, this being one of the most important qualities in an operator. The work of a crane operator includes working in hazardous locations. Some crane operators need to work on high altitudes to transport materials and construction staff. In order to qualify for the high altitude crane operator, you should not have the fear of height because of the nature of the job

Dump Truck Driver

A dump truck driver is responsible for the transportation of the loose materials in the dump bed of his truck, including materials such as rock, sand, dirt and coal. The driver must follow a program for pickups and deliveries of materials, while he must also verify the type of material and its weight. Dump truck driver must take care of his own truck and keep it clean and functioning. As for the working conditions, this job includes an environment that is generally full of dust since the driver usually delivers loose materials. A dump truck driver must have a specialized training and this can be obtained by on-the-job training offered by the company or by going to a truck driving school. As for skills, a driver must have good coordination skills, good understanding of math and angles in order to position correctly the dump materials in specific amounts.

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