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Hgv Driver Job

HGV is an abbreviation for "Heavy goods vehicle". Heavy goods vehicle includes truck, lorry, tanker, bus, crane, a special transporter, etc and it requires special license for driving from the License Authority. This license is only obtained after passing the driving test from the license authority. Basically heavy goods vehicle are divided in two different categories: N2 and N3. The former refers to the vehicle carrying goods up to a maximum limit of 12 tons, while the later refer to the vehicle that carries heavier merchandise. It is important the vehicle is properly checked before it starts its departure because these types of vehicle go one for 4-5 days or even a week to reach its destination. It is not an easy job to drive for so long; therefore it is important that the driver should be active and should have an experience of long driving beforehand. Therefore, HGV driver job is a challenging and demanding one. Let us have a look on some of the roles and responsibilities of the HGV (Heavy goods vehicle) driver.


Job description

The main role and responsibility of a heavy good vehicle driver are to transport heavy goods from one place to another or from one state to another. Basically this transport system is used for longer distances and not for short one, i.e. it can be from the dock to the store, or from the manufacturer to the retailers, or from the shop to the customers place (from one city to the other) and so on. It also includes the transfer of raw materials from one place to the other for manufacturing purpose. The other duties and responsibilities of the heavy truck driver includes operating the lorry or truck in an effective manner, loading and unloading of the goods from the truck, repairing minor problems of the vehicle such as filling pot holes, shuffling of tyre (if necessary), controlling of vehicle in case of emergencies such as during heavy storm, or snowfall or even flood, or any other unfortunate natural phenomena. The driver should have some technical knowledge about the vehicle so that they can repair it in case of any emergency. The most important thing is that the driver should be calm and patient while driving.

Skills and Core Competencies

In fact there are no such specific criteria for opting this as a career prospective. But a heavy goods vehicle driver should have some basic training in driving. Basically, a high school diploma degree is enough to apply for this position. You should have the ability to understand the basic of driving. An experience in this relevant field is an added advantage for getting the job of the heavy goods vehicle driver in any of the reputed firm or organization. They should also have some knowledge regarding specific traffic rules for different regions. There are some transports that are on international level, so it is important that you should have an international license with you. You should also have some knowledge regarding the machinery parts of the vehicle, as it would prove to be useful in case of emergency. Other requirements are as follows:

  • Good physical health
  • Accurate vision or good eyesight
  • Highly Skilled and good behavior
  • Good communicational skills
  • Ability to deliver the goods within the given time frame
  • Self motivated and responsible
  • Hardworking and multi-talented
  • Excellent learning skills
  • Active and well-managed

HGV driver job is still a job with high responsibilities because of all those heavy and expensive merchandises that the driver has deliver safely to the client/customer. It is important the goods should be delivered on or before the given time or deadline; otherwise it damages the reputation of the organization as well as the driver and the driver has to suffer the consequences. So it is all about timing and securing of the goods, as well as delivering things in a perfect condition i.e. without any damage. No doubt the job of heavy goods vehicle driver is a challenging one, but the people who love driving will enjoy working in these conditions.

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