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The Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

Engineering industry has become one of the most successful career paths in the today's employment market. With the right education, skills and mind for engineering career; one can easily and rapidly gain a higher salary and be continuously in demand. Engineering industry is rapidly growing and developing in the today's market, even in the actual bad economical situation. Those who just start an engineering college or those how have just graduated have many advantages and high salaries. Recent career industry studies discovered the highest paying engineering jobs. Here they are:


Nuclear engineers are one of the top paying engineer jobs, nuclear engineers can earn annually up to $94.000. The typical requirements for nuclear engineering jobs are minimum a bachelor's degree, but there are some jobs that require licensing; senior positions may require an advanced degree. Nuclear engineers are responsible for developing ways to use energy in different types of industry equipments, especially in the areas that require nuclear energy like aerospace, agricultural or medical industry. Nuclear engineering is known to offer some of the most controversial and regulated jobs.

Petroleum engineers can earn up to approximately $100.000 per year, the requirements for a petroleum engineer are a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering but those qualified in chemical, civil or mechanical engineering can also be considered. Petroleum engineers develop and implement the oil and gas natural reserves for the commercial and industrial use. Petroleum engineers also search, drill, process and deliver gas and oil for use. They perform these tasks on sea and land locations in isolated areas of the world where these reserves are found.

Computer engineering represents one of the most booming and developed industries of this century. Computer engineers earn annually between $83,000 and $92,000. They can have many functions and roles; there are three types of computer engineers: hardware engineers, systems software engineers and applications software engineers. Hardware engineers gain almost $91.900 and are responsible for planning and developing parts of the computer like drives, chips or other mechanical components. Systems software engineers earn approximately $89.100 annually; they support and create in a company a network that can respond to every department's needs. Applications software engineers gain almost $83.100; they design and troubleshoot software programs.

Aerospace engineers make approximately $90.000 annually; the typical requirements are a bachelor's degree in aerospace or an allied engineering specialty with eight or more years of experience. Aerospace engineers create and design air and space flying vehicles, test spaceships, and aircrafts, exploit knowledge that spans aerodynamics, propulsion and materials science. Senior aerospace engineers usually have many years of experience, but not all of them in aerospace industry. They supervise other engineers and are responsible for military and civilian projects.

Materials engineers can have a salary of more than $85.000 annually; the requirements for the job are: a bachelor's degree in engineering and four to six years of experience. Materials engineers know which existing materials are suited to a specific task or what new materials need to be invented. There are many engineers who specialize in a particular material like ceramics, plastics or steel. They try to discover ways and methods to make the specific material to be used where it has never been used before. Biomedical material engineers are likely to become one of the well-paid jobs in the future.

These are some of the highest paying engineering jobs that one should consider when enrolling in college. Engineering is supposed to be one of the most developed in the employment market in the future and the one that will offer many jobs.

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