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Hotel Catering Jobs

Have you ever thought of working in the hotel business or in the catering field? Well, we can agree on this that working in such domains is pretty interesting and it goes without saying that you will have to master social skills and be hard-working in order to succeed. Hotel catering job can be categorized into various sub-heads. Here are some of the categories of the job profile that fall under hotel catering jobs:


  • Specialist Chefs: The job of a specialist chef largely depends on their skills, endurance and patience. Their job involves a lot of creativity, stamina, experience and dedication as they have to handle the day to day tasks of the hotel business which includes arranging the daily menu as per the available ingredients and preparing dishes on demand with the rest of the staff. Specialist chefs also train staff, order supplies, manage the kitchen budget, preserve the quality of food, recruit new staff and take various measures to ensure the quality and safety of food. Apart from cooking good menus and taking charge of the kitchen a specialist chef should possess good leadership skills, good communication, time management and team management skills. This should be backed with the right qualifications necessary for the job.

  • Catering managers: Catering managers supervise the entire day to day activities of a hotel. They make sure that the business is run smoothly and take every step for the smooth functioning of the daily work. They coordinate with all the staff and maintain proper discipline at work. Most staff report to the catering managers for any queries.

  • Kitchen Staff: Kitchen staff cooks and presents the food efficiently and quickly. They help to keep the kitchen clean and maintain hygiene and cleanliness at all times. They work with proper safety and report any issues related to maintenance of the supplies or equipments. They play an integral part in hotel catering jobs and work in close coordination with the specialist chefs.

  • Waiters: Waiters aid in the smooth functioning of a food industry. They are in direct contact with the customers and respond to their queries. Waiters should possess good communication and interpersonal skills backed with knowledge of the day to day happenings of the eatery. Waiters escort customers to their tables, check with customers to make sure that they enjoy their meals. They also at times explain how the food is been prepared with the cooking methods and ingredients of the food when asked by keen customers. They present the food to the customers, make necessary recommendations when asked, clear the table once the customer is done and stock the service area with the necessary supply of beverages and tableware. It is also the duty to waiters or waitresses to ensure that customer who order alcoholic beverages for consumption meet the minimum age requirements for the same.

  • Ancillary Workers: Ancillary workers are cashiers and other front desk staff who provide customer service to the visitors. They deal with customer queries and keep a track of the cash and records and thus play an important part in hotel catering jobs.
These are some of the job categories under hotel catering jobs. Hotel catering business mostly runs on the reputation and the quality of food that is served there. Upmost care should be taken to make sure that the quality is not subsidized because once a customer is gone, he is gone forever. This job requires skilled chefs who are innovative and result oriented. They should also be aware of the requirements of the masses and plan and prepare the food as demanded by the general public.

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