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Housing Jobs

Housing jobs are related to the services rendered in the house. In other words, the job of a housing officer is to handle the housing services for various providers of accommodation, government, etc. It is not very difficult to get a housing job but it is important that you should possess excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. The basic role and responsibilities of house officer is to collect rent, take care of the repairs needed on the property and to solve the issues of the renter or tenant. They are also responsible of finding a shelter for homeless people and to help people searching for a house with their related choice and expectations.


The main duty of housing officer is to collect the monthly payment or rent from the tenants. Besides, they also have to take care of repairing and troubleshooting the property. The housing officer takes care also takes care of the amenities of the house or the society such as swimming pool, lobby, garden, gymnasium and other important things. They also take care of the renter's behavior with the other people in the society such as they do not make too much noise; it will disturb the other people in the society, and also solve the issue if the renter is involved with certain bad argument with the society members. The housing offices also keep a keen watch that the renter is paying the rent on time or they are being late in giving the rent. When the tenants are not paying their rent on time, the housing officer has to remind them about the deadlines of the payment and if needed they can give the notice period to evacuate the house. The housing officer signs the renting contract with the tenants and specifies the policies, rules and regulations.

The housing jobs includes some of the other responsibilities such as hiring and paying cleaning personnel for the building, guards and other working staff. They have the authority to sign as well as terminate the contractual employees, if they are not providing the right services. They also have to make sure that the cleaning and security personnel are doing their job. When a new position is opened i.e. requirement for any type of job, the housing officer gives the advertisement in the local newspaper about the job opening and short lists the candidate's applications and conducts the interviews session with them. The housing officer will be charges if any inefficient people are hired.

If the building needs any kind of repair work or maintenance, then the housing officer needs to take care of that too. They need to quickly resolve the problem by hiring the worker related to the issues. The housing officer needs to ensure the people in the society about the security in the building, and provide a safe environment for the children's too.

As a housing officer, you must possess good communication abilities as well, because you have to handle people and their related issues every day. You need good management abilities and skill, so that the whole building or property can be taken care of. A housing officer also needs to have some leadership abilities, so as to instruct the personnel or the workers in the building, such as guards, cleaners, gatekeepers, etc. They should have the talent to think fast and to come up with solutions to any problems or issues that may arise in future. For example, if there is a problem with the elevator, the housing officer's duty is to call on a repair team as soon as possible and solve the problem.

Applying for the position of housing jobs, you need to have a high school diploma degree or be a degree in an administrative related field. The salary of the housing officer varies from one place to another. Basically, it depends on the person for whom the housing officer works. If it's a government association, the salary will be higher and if it is a private association, the salary varies with experience.

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