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Job Analysis Specialist Resume

Job analysis specialists are employees in the human resources department that have the responsibility of analyzing every job opportunity that the company has to offer and developing efficient recruitment strategies. They need to be knowledgeable in job descriptions and occupational titles and study the type of activity that a company conducts in order to identify every single job position required in order for the company to function properly, starting with janitorial positions and ending with CEO positions. They have to know every single detail about various job positions and advice the company management in adding or retracting different job positions, according to job analyses.


Job analysis specialists need to be experts in formulating educational, knowledge and skills requirements for different types of job and in the extent of prior experience necessary for qualification. This means dealing with the employees of a company, offering them the necessary information about their job, with the human resources management in advising about new positions or downsizing and with the employment market in designing strategies of addressing certain types of employees. The resume of a job analysis specialist needs to include proof of serious knowledge in the field of human resources and occupations, preferably a degree in social sciences like psychology and an inclination towards business, in order to be qualified to assess different business needs.

Job Analysis Specialist Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Carmen Small
Birth date: 12.12.1980
Address and Contact Details: 2345 Willow Street San Diego, CA 65784 USA
Phone: (202) 502-43264
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


The field of job analysis is a very attractive field that proves itself to be of huge use for business companies in our world. Especially in the case of large corporations, job analysts can significantly contribute in creating an efficient and profitable recruitment strategy, by analyzing the business's personnel needs. As a psychologist, I have the proper training in giving advice in the field of job occupation.

Objective: My objective is to work as a job analysis specialist and offer my expertise in the field in determining the necessary work positions that can contribute to a company's successful functioning.


Psychologist with experience in the field of job analysis looking for a similar position in a large company.


  • Psychology knowledge
  • Human resources skills
  • Job descriptions knowledge
  • Business knowledge
  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
Computer knowledge: Windows XP, Mac, Microsoft Office Suite

Work Experience:

Job Analysis Specialist, 2006-present
Starfield Company, California


  • Analyzing business requirements and needs in the area of job positions
  • Determining job positions and afferent descriptions , as well as experience and educational requirements
  • Advising the company in downsizing issues and in the addition and retraction of job positions
Education and Training:

Master's in Human Resources, California University
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, California University

Areas of interest:

  • Psychology
  • Human resources
  • Social networking
  • Job descriptions

Mrs. Gillian Moore,
Manager of the Human Resources Department,
Starfield Company, California

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