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Job Analyst Resume

We have an almost endless list of jobs within the labor market nowadays. From one of a painter to that of a general manager, each job is demanding in its specific way, has a list of responsibilities and duties attached to it and also correspond to a certain annual or monthly income.Within a big company, which usually has a large number of employees, each one has to have a very specific and clear job description, which contains all his responsibilities and work terms. Elaborating such job descriptions involves a long time, especially for the relatively new jobs.


It means going to the factory and assisting the worker in his tasks, observing the exact things that he does, the work conditions, the required work schedule and the elements that he finds to be very difficult, as well as the unpredicted but required actions that he may be supposed to complete. A previously trained specialist will be in charge of collecting all these information, and then of synthesizing them into a coherent and complete job description.

In order to complete his task in a proper and efficient manner, he has to posses the adequate theoretical knowledge base, together with very good communication skills and the ability to analyze and synthesize large amounts of information within coherent theories and databases. Moreover, he will require being very patient and methodical,apart from being able to keep an organized track of the information that he is looking for.

Being a job analyst is not an easy job and it surely involves a great responsibility, but it is a very pleasant activity for someone who enjoys working with and for other people. If you are such a person, then start making a resume immediately. Here is how it should look like.

The resume of a job analyst

Personal details:
Name: Edward Harris
Birth date: 8.08.1978
Place of birth: Texas
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married, two children.


Being a job analyst means collecting all the necessary information in order to make accurate job descriptions for the employees of a company, but, beyond that, it refers to analyzing the work of the person next to you, in order to catch both the physical and psychological aspects of his/ her work, together with the difficulties that he/ she may encounter when completing his/ her regular tasks.


To become a job analyst within your company, and thus to have the chance of using my theoretical knowledge and my practical, interpersonal skills, in order to help you understand the daily work of your employees.


Patient and responsible, having very good communication and presentation skills, I am sure that I can live up to your expectations concerning this job.

Skills/ competencies:

  • Patient
  • Very good communication and presentation skills
  • Methodical and organized
  • Very good analysis and synthesis abilities

Computer knowledge:

Microsoft Office
Internet Explorer

Work experience:

Job analyst, The Microsoft Company, Cincinnati, 2006-2011

Collect field information about various jobs within the company ( characteristics- physical and psychological, stress factors, difficulties, salary, work conditions etcetera)
Make accurate and complete job descriptions

Education and training:

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources at the University of Cincinnati, 2002-2006
The Cincinnati High School, 1998-2002

Great results in communicating and collaborating with people

Areas of interest:

Human Resources
Public Relations


Mrs. Anna Brown,
The Microsoft Company, Cincinnati,
Chief of Staff.

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