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Blooming and Lucrative Industries on Rise

In the current economical situation, many people search for the industries that offer secure and prosperous jobs. Those who have been fired or have colleagues or friends who have been laid off are wondering if their job is safe. They also wonder what other jobs are safer, in case they are laid off or if they are thinking of changing their careers. Below, are some of the blooming and lucrative industries on the rise that offer security and a promising future.


Green Industry

A good choice for you is the green industry, which offers eco-friendly and eco-conscious jobs. The green industry is one of the blooming and lucrative industries on rise due to many reasons. The first one is due to the federal initiatives to help businesses to get as green as possible. As a result, the federal initiative has brought many jobs, with a well-paid salary and many benefits. The green industry has many opportunities for solar engineers, wind farmer engineers, green retrofitters, civil engineers and green construction managers. And the best thing about green industry is that you are working for the betterment of the planet earth and making it a better place to live.

Health Care Industry

The health care industry has always been in demand, more and more specialties and jobs being added to this field. One of these new jobs is actually called nursing informatics, a mix of computers, nursing and information science. Nursing informatics refers to the registered nurses who have technical computer experience and know how to optimize computer systems in hospitals, for an accurate use of the nurses and other medical staff. Another growing aspect of health care industry is that with the introduction of new technologies, new healthcare equipments are coming up in the hospitals and with those new prospects of job are opening up and medical institutions are offering more job opportunities.

Social Media or Networking

Social media or social networking is a new industry used by companies to market themselves online. These social networking sites are really interactive, and are a great way of meeting new people and to expand your network for profit. Some good examples of social networking sites are Facebook, RSS technologies and Twitter. Social media is actually such a type of career and involves staying on top of a number of online members, also refers to interacting with other people online and to update content for interest.

IT Industry

The IT industry is other field which is definitely on the rise. The field of computer science and information technology is continuously evolving as more and more jobs and professions appear in this field. Employees in the IT industry can be specialized in engineering, computer programming, robotics, online marketing or project management.

Education Industry

Education is one of the industries that suffers due to lack of job positions, but is actually one of the most promising fields due to the distance learning facility. Distance learning is a teaching method that consists of offering online courses remotely or virtually for standard colleges and trade schools.

Finance Industry

Finance is another important industry that will continuously develop. This industry will always offer applicants many opportunities in every finance-related field and area. Some well-paid jobs in the financial field are credit analyst, management consultant, private equity, securities and commodities agent.

Due to the recession, many people have fear of being laid off. That is why most of them are starting to orientate towards other sectors that are more promising in the period to come. These sectors are believed to offer great salaries and many benefits. So, if you think of changing careers, you can opt for the above mentioned blooming and lucrative industries that are on rise. Remember that all you need is to have transferable skills that are applicable to other positions. Get education, trainings, and qualifications and start finding a job in one of these promising industries.

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