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Jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria is not the usual destination for job opportunities for people in the US. It's not been the same working in Nigeria as in Europe or Australia. Still, Nigeria has many unexplored work opportunities.


Nigeria is an African country, speaking English. Reading this, you probably feel relieved; but you should be careful - the English that people in Nigeria speak is a different type of English than the one used in the English speaking countries.

The people in Nigeria are extremely friendly and helpful. Your new work colleagues will always treat you nicely and be patient with you.

If you want to work in Nigeria, one of the most popular fields of work is oil related jobs. Nigeria is one of the most important sources of oil in the entire world. So if you find a job in that domain, you are set for a while. Gardening and agriculture also represent a good source of income for people searching for work -and you don't even have to be extremely skilled for getting these jobs. Even people with no work qualifications or higher education can do this. You will encounter no significant problems, as the weather is generally good and the grounds are fertile. People that work in IT and other technology related fields are also very lucky. Nigeria is the bigger user of technology in Africa and technicians are always needed -the work force in this field is not enough.

Everyone knows about the mining in Nigeria -even though this is one of the most dangerous and tiring jobs. One can look for jobs in Nigeria in the mining sector as well. Also medical personnel are always needed, so are teachers. is a very good place to start if you want to get hired in Nigeria; but don't know how to start your search. Of course, there are many job ads in the local newspapers, but this site is very helpful, because it provides information on anything you need to know before moving to Nigeria. If this is not enough for you, there are many other job sites where you can find a job in Nigeria.

The bad part about searching a job in Nigeria is that there are many scam job ads. One has to be careful and pay a lot of attention while choosing a job. You should contact the Nigerian Embassy and make sure that the job you have got is legit; otherwise you could find yourself in potentially dangerous situations. But don't let this get you down; if you keep your common sense awake, you will easily avoid this kind of fraud.

Nigeria is being portrayed as a dangerous country one shouldn't consider relocating to. However, this is far from the truth. Nigeria is a safe country, with many opportunities for work. Many people from various countries (China, Australia, India and many others) live and work there with absolutely no problems.

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