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Jobs in Pakistan

If you are thinking about getting a job in Pakistan and living there, there are some things you need to know about this country. First, there are not many jobs available here. Not many foreign companies open branches in Pakistan, so you may have difficulty in finding a job that suits your work experience. Even locals have some problems in finding jobs due to the fact that the job market is so limited. One of the first things you need to do while searching for a job in Pakistan is to update your resume. You need to have different resumes, for each of the work fields you are interested in. You need to pay attention to be very detail oriented about that. Each job has its specific characteristics and requirements and you have more chances to be hired if you write more than one resume.


Get a newspaper that has a lot of job ads in it. When a new position is available, the employers post an advertisement in the newspaper. So this is probably your best bet. You can also search online. There are many online sites where you can find jobs. Buy the most important newspapers of the country, like The News. You are most likely to find the best job opportunities on Sundays.

If you decide to search online, is a good web site for that. You need to register to the site and then browse through their announcements, just like you would do with any other search engine. Jobs appear daily, so make sure to check the site daily or put on an alert. This way you will get the jobs delivered right into your email inbox.

Another way of getting a job in Pakistan is with the help of social networking. This happens almost everywhere, but it really helps in Pakistan. If you have a friend, or even an acquaintance that knows of a job opening, this could be your chance to get employed. Do not forget about social networking sites like Facebook. If you have just arrived in the country, you will probably try and meet new people, make new friends. Some of these people may help you get a job. You can even ask your landlord. People in Pakistan are more open to hiring people they already know, or at least heard of, rather than hiring strangers. If someone referred you, then be sure that you will get an interview call

Once you get through an interview, be ready to take more tests than you usually do. The people in Pakistan run more tests before deciding on which person is best fitted for the job. You will undergo some aptitude tests and probably others. If you want to work in something related to the technical field, one of your tests will be about this- so study before, and look over your resume again. Make sure you are going to the interview well prepared and you will ensure yourself the much needed job in Pakistan.

Opportunities of job in Pakistan are in Telecom, BPO, Oil mining and Private Security. Telecom boom is one a new high in Pakistan as people over are switching over to mobile in huge numbers. New operators are joining the market and with the coming of new companies, several job opportunities are created in telecom field. Another job opportunity is the BPO sector. With the presence of several call centers, one can get a voice trainer or a manager job. But a person needs to have specific skills in order to get through in the interview. Experience in oil mining field can be very helpful because Pakistan has got some huge oil reserves and people with experience in this domain can get good and high paying job.

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