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Manpower Jobs

The term "Manpower" could refer to the human resources department or to some corporations:

  • Manpower Inc.: the international recruiting agency, based the United States
  • Manpower Directorate: an organization of the Israeli government
  • Manpower Directorate (Australia): a recruiting organization from Australia created by the country's government, during the time of the World War II. Its main purpose was to find workers to be strategically employed and had the power to decide who worked and where.


Manpower Inc.

This employment agency has the headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was created in the year 1948 by Elmer Winter and his partner Aaron Scheinfeld. In 2007 it counted about 30,000 employees. In 2009, the company counted over 4,100 offices in 82 countries. A statistic shows that this corporation has over 400,000 companies from various industries and each year they help 4,400,000 people or more to find a job.

The jobs belong to all the industries, can be in any occupation and they can be part time, full time, contract based. Not to mention that the company itself needs employees, especially in the administrative department, the customer relations department and so on.

Manpower Directorate

Known in Israel as Aka (Agaf Koakh Adam) or as the Personnel Directorate (known formerly as the Human Resources Directorate) this coordinates the activities related to the control and placement of the human resources. It is a body of the Israel Defense Forces and has seven main units:

  • Planning Brigade and Manpower Administration
  • Military Police force
  • Women's Affairs Advisor
  • Education and Youth Corps
  • Adjutant Corps
  • The Administration of the Human Resources Directorate and Individuals' Sector
  • General Corps and the Staff Sector
It is easily seen that working for such a company also means working in the military field, because the military has control over almost all the sectors or aspects of the society and life in Israel. The basic duty of this directorate is to draw plans for the human resources activities, according to the standards of the Planning Directorate as well as attending to the service situation of the people. This human resources corporation is designed according to the specific needs of this country and it acts accordingly.


Manpower refers mainly to a department or a sector of the market that specifically deals with people and companies and helps them either find a job or personnel; equally it refers strictly to the working force of the company. The employees are human resources, as seen from an economical point of view. It represents strictly those resources that actually help the company survive, produce the goods meant for consumption by the rest of the population that doesn't work for the said company.

The manpower (or power of the man) is present in all the industries and areas of work. It usually implies qualified personnel in order to perform specific jobs. It refers to all of the employees regardless of how they work: part time, full time, seasonally or as volunteers.

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