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Milwaukee Jobs

Man has to work hard in order to make a living. There are very few instances when people tend to convert their hobby or interests into a job. Even after doing so, your intelligence and understanding backed with hard work can take you to places. There are various compromises people do in order to attain a successful career. This includes ignoring one's family, compromising weekends, adjusting as per the job requirements or even relocating to a different place. In this section we will discuss jobs in Milwaukee and the job opportunities available in Milwaukee.


Milwaukee is one of the cities in Wisconsin and it happens to be the largest city of the state. The city has a very stable economy as it houses the headquarters of 13 fortunate 1000 companies. The metropolitan region of Milwaukee ranks fifth in the US because of the number of company headquarters the city has. There are a number of financial service firms and publishing and printing companies in Milwaukee. This gives a clear picture of how economically stable the city is and the kind of jobs that are available in Milwaukee.

As per a current estimation, there are approximately 25% professionals, 22% involved in sales and office occupations whereas 18% in service occupations in Milwaukee. In a broad perspective almost 72% of the Milwaukee population work for companies, 13% for the government and 3% of the population are self employed.

Milwaukee firms are primarily involved in manufacturing machinery. It has a leading edge in the production of steel foundry parts, mining machinery, X-ray equipments and industrial controls. Milwaukee is also a hub for printing and publishing with almost 11% of the top 70 printing companies based in Milwaukee. These companies employ more than 21, 000 of the population.

Some of the goods produced in Milwaukee are gas engines, frames and parts, agricultural equipments, heavy pumping machines, large mining shovels, heavy lubrications, cement machinery, cement and saw mill machinery, packaged meat, leather products, malt drinks, boots, shoes, knit goods, gloves, motorcycles, diesel engines, electrical equipments, children's clothing, women's sportswear, gloves, outboard motors, metal fabricators and iron and steel foundries.

Milwaukee is also fast growing in terms of professionals and managerial positions. Apart from this tourism is also flourishing. Many festivals and parades are hosted in Milwaukee throughout the year. It is a home for nationally recognized museums, sports teams, a zoo and other entertaining places.

The working relationship in Milwaukee is quite good. People tend to work in complete harmony with each other. The city's economic growth is aided by the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). MEDC provides services, training, financial and technical support to Milwaukee businesses and also to make the state secure. The city is also involved in developing mentor relationships between the established businesses and the emerging ones which is quite unique and a better way to deal with new business opportunities. Job training programs is another important step that helps to assist companies who are investing in new technologies. The companies get a 50% grant on the cost for training employees and making them aware of the new technologies. This step can prove to be a major stepping stone in the path of success and attaining new heights for small business and amateurs in future.

Educations, health care, manufacturing, retail, social assistance are the leading industries in Milwaukee and they are always on the look for trained and skilled workers. There are a lot of job opportunities in the state of Milwaukee but yet the unemployment rate is 12.4%. The same statistics show an increase in the number of Milwaukee jobs. With a whopping 172% increase the opportunities in Milwaukee look quite good for the near future.

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