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Non Profit Jobs

This kind of work is done by an organization usually and it is meant to help the society in any way possible. These companies function in a non-commercial manner and usually working for such a company means volunteering.


The areas of interest include and are not limited to: recreation, welfare, charity, supporting a social issue and one of the common goals: to improve the quality of life for the others.

In the United States alone, there are 1.6 million such organizations. They find appropriate candidates the same way as any other firm: by recruiting personnel using the Internet or the newspaper ads.

There are many websites offering or posting openings for such work places, but when you sign up (otherwise you can't really apply for any job) be sure not to be asked to pay any fee. The genuine non-profit companies receive funds from any kind of charities or from the government.

Maybe one of the best websites of this kind (and I refer here to real possibilities and not scams) would be Please observe the .org at the end: it means it is a nonprofit (usually) organization or website.

If you wonder what exactly do people doing such work have to gain, then learn that this will make them feel better about themselves because they will help others get a better life or will help others make the right choices they didn't have (couldn't make) when the volunteer was in the same situation.

Considered an altruistic occupation, having a non-profit job is also highly searched for in a resume by many employers. This is because the non-profit occupation will show a person who likes to work and doesn't think only about the financial benefits when going to office. Also, it may also show a person who works well in a team and keep in mind that many offices involve team work.

A non-profit job might even be at the beginning of a new business (mostly a high end shop or which sells goods that are not needed every day to survive) and there is a need of some personnel. When the business starts, even if it sells, it might not be considered as profit, because it first needs to gain back the investment made. After a year or two the business owner might think about an actual profit.

One of the best known volunteers of all times is of course Mother Theresa (1910 - 1997), mostly known for her charity work in India, where she founded "Missionaries of Charity", an organization meant to help the poorest of the poor and any ill person, regardless of their religion. The members of this organization are only females, but there is also a branch organization meant for men alone, called "Missionaries of Charity Fathers".

Of course these are not the only charity organizations out there, as it has been mentioned at the beginning of this article. If you want to be a part of any one of them, first you better do some research on internet about them in order to find out which would suit you most. If you want to help the ones around you, there are multiple jobs available in this regard. All you need to do is be dedicated to your cause.

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