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Oil and Gas Jobs

Man has taken a huge step as far as inventions and discoveries are concerned. Our lives have become simpler and accessible with the advent of new technologies. New machineries and household equipments not only save our energy to do a certain job but also save time. Machines that keep us warm, provide electricity, food and other essential things run on fuels like oil and gas. Most individuals are into oil and gas jobs because of its growing demands and the need of the hour.


Although oil and gas jobs are all about hard work, getting dirty, doing dangerous things, working with heavy machineries, it all seems worthwhile. Oil and gas industries are booming. Not only simple workers but scientists and engineers are also working very hard to come up with new improvements and way to increase the process of extraction of these fuels and also to reduce its cost which is growing at a very alarming rate because of its demands. Oil and gas dealers are reaping rich dividends because there might come a time when these resources might get exhausted and would call for trouble in this highly modernized system


So where could one work with gas and oil? Who hires people for these? It's all a complex process starting with getting licenses for drilling, maintaining the drilling and processing equipments, getting assurance that the on/offshore installations are stable, and last but not least, giving assistance to all the companies in the business. So exactly in this order, there are the operating companies, the drilling companies, the major contractor, the FPSO operators and the service companies that hire people for specific tasks in these fields. Employment opportunities are tremendous in this field; not to forget the people who research and come up with new inventions to make life easy.

General descriptions:

In this industry there are onshore/offshore installations which is specified by the place where the structure is installed; meaning – on land, near the sea or at sea. The point is that every such installation, no matter of what type it is; is huge, very complicated and very complex. It's basically a sort of industrial town, with its own equipment, own "citizens" meaning workers and its own rules. There are a lot of pipes, valves and gauges to take care of and they all must be permanently supervised so as to check for any leaks that might occur. And this does not sum up the entire story. The truth is that there are so many complicated things on an installation, which work with the purpose of extracting gas and oil, that there is a huge team of highly trained people responsible for maintaining them and monitoring the production.


Because of the techniques and risks involved in the job, one should have good knowledge of mechanics, physics or any other sciences related to the process. Being intelligent, quick thinking, attentive to details, well organized and hard working are just a few of the needed qualities. Those who work offshore must have good interpersonal and communicational skills. A good physical shape is a must not just because employees should be able to switch huge valves, climb a lot of stairs, carry heavy machinery or articles but also because workers usually have shifts of 12 hours work, alternating with other 12 hours of time off, which goes on for about two weeks, before they finally receive two or three weeks as a rest period to spend on shore. So their personal life or the ability to form a family is faced with difficulties from this point of view but there is no alternation as someone has to do it, otherwise where would we get fuels?

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