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Pastor Jobs

Pastors have the duty to lead their congregation and oversee the development of their church. For most of the people, the pastor is the person that they see on a Sunday, preaching in their church, yet there are a few different pastor jobs and here are a few examples of such positions.


Music pastor

A music pastor has the duty to lead the music ministry of a church. Usually, the music pastor works with other pastors while selecting the music that is appropriate for the general message of the sermon. The pastor also has the duty to lead the performers in singing these songs, which can be an existing song or newly composed ones. Music pastors are in charge of producing music for special events such as holidays, children's events and musicals. Such pastors must have the skills to lead, administer a budget and supervise; they must also have the ability to work in a team, closely to other pastors or volunteers but also to work independently when needed. These pastors are usually in charge of purchasing and maintaining the musical instruments for the ministry. As for requirements, a music pastor's formal education can vary according to the churches they work in. For example, small churches do not ask specifically for a formal education but for a talented and experienced music pastor for their charge. Larger churches usually require from the music pastors' at least an undergraduate degree, in a domain related to music. If a music pastor wishes to advance in his career, then education is important. A pastor must have a post-graduate degree in a domain related to music ministry and afterward he can choose to advance for the position of a lyricist or a performance artist. If a music pastor has talent for Bible exposition and skills for public speaking, he can advance in the position of a head pastor.

Teaching Pastor

A teaching pastor has the responsibility to teach different types of classes which include Bible classes to all levels of church members and all ages. The job includes speaking at one-third of weekends services depending on what the church requests. Other responsibilities of a teaching pastor include teaching different classes, initiating theological training and helping with budget planning and personnel training and leading community activities. A teaching pastor must spend his/her time to prepare the teaching materials properly and also give spiritual guidance to learners and be a model for them. Some congregations do not require a degree from a teaching pastor but others do require a four-year degree in theology or another related field.

Family Pastor

A family pastor has the duty to minister and build relationships with the families within their church. The job of a family pastor includes overseeing the ministry, coordinating events with each member of a family. They create a plan that teaches parents how to behave with their children, and guides teenagers to stand against negative lifestyle choices and shows the family ways for them to communicate properly. They play the role of counselors when the family has problems in their homes while organizing family events and game nights, church picnics and retreats. Family pastors work closely with other volunteers to provide the success of their church and they must have the ability to lead and direct groups of individuals. As for the education required, churches usually ask their family pastors to have a master's degree from a divinity seminary or school.

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