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Recession Proof Jobs

Many people who have been laid off or want to change careers look for jobs that are well-paid and that are secure. So, many applicants ask themselves what jobs are recession proof and what are the most secure industries in this bad economical situation. Below are some jobs which are the best recession proof jobs in 2010.


One of the best positions in every economy is that of dental hygienist. Dentists want to have a quick turnaround with patients so that they can earn more money. The dismissed extra work of a dentist goes to a dental hygienist. Dental hygienists need to have a two degree and can earn up to $55,000.

The medical field will always offer sound positions, and those who don't have the finances and the education required to be a doctor can choose a job as a cardiovascular technologist. Cardiovascular technologists need a two year degree in this field and also training with field equipment. They have a median annual salary of approximately $60.000. Their main responsibility is to use ultrasound and other equipments in order to learn about the health of a heart.

Other career that is on the rise in this bad economical situation is occupational therapy. There are many jobs available in this field because of the increased life expectancy rates. Occupational therapists offer medical care and therapy to patients who are temporary debilitated. Their duty refers to helping them to perform the normal tasks of home and to help them work again. Occupational therapists are required to have a license and a Masters Degree in this field and they can earn up to $70.000 per year.

Marketing managers are required in almost every business and they have to sell the products and services of the company. Marketing managers have to offer the company their experience and knowledge of all channels of marketing: print, media, internet. They are responsible for creating and implementing a plan in order to sell a specific product to the right market. Marketing managers need to have at least a Bachelors or a Masters Degree in Marketing or in a related field and they can easily earn up to $60.000 per year.

The computers field is a solid one in this economy. Technology is rapidly changing, more and more new jobs appear in the field. Every industry and business needs computers for personal or for professional function. Recession proof jobs in the IT industry are computer engineers, computer programmers, computer scientists, data base administrators. These are good choices as long as you have the required education and training for them. Usually, IT specialists need at least a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or in Information Technology Systems and hands-on experience. In this field employees can earn up to $50.000, depending on the position.

The current economical situation led to many lay-offs, few available jobs and smaller salaries. Applicants are searching for secure jobs that will offer them a well-paid salary and many bonuses. So, if you were laid-off or if you are thinking of changing careers you should definitely orientate towards one of the fields and jobs mentioned above. Be sure that you have the experience and education required before applying.

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