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Seattle Jobs

They say it's so nice to live in Seattle because everything is so alive there, people have a lot of ideas and a lot of energy. If technology, culture, commerce, arts, politics and medicine are really so flourishing as they advertise, it seems a great place to make yourself a living. As one of the most important cities in the northern side of U. S. and the biggest one from Washington, it has yet another advantage: it seems like the metropolitan area of Seattle is one of the places that people find extremely desirable to make a career. Being so far to the north, you can imagine there are some things that come with this, but these things just add an extra charm to an already eulogized city.


Be aware Before talking about the job opportunities one could find there, I would like to point some specific elements of this city that you have to be aware of before settling in Seattle.

First, would be the weather, which is very wet and if they say "it's not true that every day is a rainy one", that is because people living there use more than 130 different words to point the types of rainfalls. Weather is continuously changing from one minute to the next, but some key words, besides wet, would be damp, rainy and cold. All these ingredients are served at every meal.

Second, would be the reduced amount of light. Because of the latitude, winters are very dark, with sun between 8 and half past four during the day. Still, summers are a real bless with sun light from 5 in the morning till 10 in the night.

Traffic, would be another issue, so xenophobia might be a problem if you are coming from California.

Career opportunities

Arts are extremely well seen in there - Opera, Orchestras, Grunge music (Seattle born Nirvana), Jazz and even folk, spoken word slammers and an extremely rich and attractive film industry with the famous film festival called Seattle Polish.

If you are interested in practicing journalism, you already know they have a major newspaper, The Seattle Times, but radio and television are also extremely well developed.

Since arts are on power they have a film festival, Seattle International, a weekend called Memorial Day focused on Northwest Folk life, some events on Seafair, and the largest festival for gay people in the United States. Plenty of things are to be made, organized and supervised in Seattle.

And now let's get to the most serious companies, of which six have entered in the Fortune 500 list: Washington Mutual for banking, as the prestigious internet retailer, Starbucks, a coffee you can not live without, Safeco in insurances and Nordstrom.

A few lines

Statistics point to the fact that there are over 10.000 people working in Seattle and the available jobs on the market continue to be extremely various and tempting. We are talking about 26 different operating departments that offer more than 1.000 jobs on a regular basis Since the city has such a prosper economy, employers afford to treat their workers properly, by offering them benefits packages and a series of leave programs that are said to be quite generous as well.

But all you have to do in order to convince yourself is to search the internet and see which are the latest job entries, which are the conditions and what you have to do to apply for them. You would be very surprised with the offers you may come across.

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