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Support Worker Jobs

Support workers, as the name suggests, are persons who assist professionals or other higher authorities in any respective fields. Support worker jobs involve reporting to senior authorities about their jobs. They take orders and carry out errands as necessary.


Support workers are needed in many employment fields. There are many types of support workers, and there are many categories in which they fit into. Basically, a support worker executes clerical duties in a company. This job may not seem like the most exciting job in the world, but it is a key position in a company. Without the help of the support worker, the company would not be able to function properly as they are the link to the clients.

Support workers are performing various tasks such as answering phone calls, writing emails, preparing all kind of paperwork and accountability tasks. They deliver messages to the other employees, advertise their company to the clients sometimes and are in charge of the company's web site. This means that they run the web site and post information and news on it. The support workers will not be asked to prepare the whole web site design, but they need to know how to use a computer. Over the past few years, internet has become widely used and the "pen and paper" are less and less used nowadays. Therefore, the support worker will have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, working with the most common programs (MS Office, Word) and the Internet browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox).

The support worker needs to be a people's person. Their position facilitates many encounters with different people. They have to act friendly with the clients of the company and to have strong communication skills. He/she needs to have a very calm and patient nature. They must not be short-tempered or easily provocative. They must know well how to handle stressed situation and must avoid panic.

A support worker should dress appropriately and always keep a professional attitude. They must have a pleasant nature that would attract customer/client attraction and would prove beneficial for the company.

The support worker needs to be able to provide the potential clients with information regarding the company. They have to speak clearly and explain things well. A support worker is in charge of the company's paperwork and files, so he/she must be organized and must pay attention to details. Sometimes, a support worker has to take on more duties at the same time and has to carry them out successfully. Good management abilities are beneficial and the support workers need not get overwhelmed by their tasks.

As far as education goes, the support worker must be a high school graduate. It is not a position that requires a lot of previous experience or college studies. However, a support worker may take some training on job. In small companies, this is not required. In big companies with many employees, the support worker will have more tasks to accomplish, so the manager might request them to do some training beforehand.

The schedule of a support worker is the usual 8 hour a day, 5 days a week, with a few times when they need to work on longer shifts. It is not a very demanding or dangerous job.

A support worker's salary varies between $30.000-$40.000. This really depends on the field they work in and the company. A support worker that works for an important finance firm will earn more than the one that works as a youth support. We hope that the above points will have thrown ample light on the description of such a job profile. So go ahead and make a successful career as a Support Worker.

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