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Trainee Jobs

A trainee position is an entry level position within a company. Usually, the individuals for this position are selected from many candidates. The initial intent is to provide the trainee with enough work experience using his/her skills and abilities so that he/she becomes fit to be a part of the company management. The trainees are being trained by the managers and from them, the people with the best leadership qualities and management skills are chosen. There are, of course, some other requirements that have to be met, depending on each company.


The trainee position means learning relevant skills in training courses conducted by the company management. It is crucial for trainees to prove that they have learnt enough and now they have the qualities that make them fit for the job in that company. Essentially, the promotion is what the trainees are striving for. Of course, during the training, there are many new things being taught and learned.

There are very few requirements for a candidate to become a trainee in a company. Some companies are more demanding than others, but some basic expectations remain the same everywhere like the trainee should not have more than 2 years of previous work experience. Some companies expect candidates having already completed the internship period before they apply. At times, even a high school diploma suffices.

Trainees are useful to the employer, because they will not be paid with the same amount as the other employees. The employer will still get to benefit from the trainee's skills, while the trained person gets to grow within the company and hopefully gets good chances to become a manager of that company. Even if the trainees have no previous working experience, it does not mean that they are useless.

Irrespective of the type of the industry, there are some skills and abilities the trainees must posses in order to be promoted. First of all, they must have leadership abilities - if they are trained to be managers, they will need to successfully handle and lead other employees. The trained individuals also must have good management skills and of course, the communication skills -both verbal and written. If working in sales, even more so! Trainees are taught how to advertise their company, how to sign and close deals and what the acceptable conduct is while dealing with a client.

Depending on the industry, they will be taught practical activities too - for example, a trainee of a hair salon will learn how to make the clients feel comfortable, how to befriend them and also how to cut, style and color the hair.

The duration of the training varies -it can last for half a year to a couple of years. The higher the desired position is, the longer the training for it becomes. This also depends on the staff members a company has. If new managers are needed soon, the training period will not last very long!

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