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Law Resume

Resume is sent when you are applying for any job. It is a tool to create the right impression on the recruiter. You may be having several years of work experience and would have won several awards. But if you don't mention these details in your resume in the correct way, the recruiter is not going to notice it. The jobs in the legal field are not limited to lawyers post.


There are several other job profiles such as adjudicator, investigator, legal assistant, legal secretary, process server, etc. When you are drafting a legal resume, you need to highlight your work experience, achievements and educational details (if you have less work experience.

Divide your legal resume into following sections:

  • Contact details
  • Professional summary
  • Experience highlights
  • Professional history
  • Education details
  • Community service
  • References

Professional Summary:

Instead of mentioning job objectives, you can mention professional summary in your resume. Mention the professional highlights in this section. Restrict this paragraph to 4 to 5 sentences. You will be able to grab the employer's attention by mentioning these details at the beginning of the resume. Entry-level candidates who do not have much work experience can mention a job objective that explains their goal and their suitability to the job.

Experience Highlights:

Use bullet points to mention your work experience highlights. The recruiters are not interested in your educational details or academic achievements. Hence, mention this section before the educational details section. Do not mention your regular roles and responsibilities in this section. If you have received any award for excellent performance, then mention it in this section.

Profession history:

When you are drafting a legal resume, follow the chronological resume format. Mention the professional history in reverse chronological order. Start with your recent work experience. List details such as your title, company name, employment dates and roles and responsibilities. Use bullet points to mention roles and responsibilities so that the recruiter can easily read them. If you are applying for legal secretary job, you can mention roles and responsibilities such as prepared legal documents (such as motions, complaints and appeals), managed the schedule of meeting and appointments for the attorney, and organized case files and law documents

Educational details:

List the education details starting from the highest degree details at the top followed by the rest. Mention details such as name of the degree, year of passing, college name and your achievements. Entry-level candidates need to highlight their educational achievements. You can mention the training programs you attended. Mention your internship details as well.

Community service:

Mention the details of any volunteer positions. You can mention the details of your community work. The recruiter would like to know about your commitment regarding public service.


Include references in your resume. Mention the contact details of references from your past work place. Mention details of those who will provide positive feedbacks regarding you. Inform the names of your references that you have mentioned your resume.


The recruiters are looking for certain action words in your resume, by mentioning these words, you can improve your chances of getting shortlisted. Include the action words such as achieved, defined, implemented, promoted, reconciled, detailed, advised, developed, analyzed, prioritized, conducted, conceptualized, evaluated, maintained, drafted, solved, investigated, communicated, etc.


Use professional formatting when you are drafting your resume. Your resume should be readable. Do not use artistic font or fonts that are difficult to read. There are several legal resumes on this site such as adjudicator resume, criminal investigator resume, correctional officer resume, legal assistant resume, caseworker resume, legal secretary resume, patent attorney resume, paralegal resume, general counsel resume, process server resume etc. You can use these resumes for reference. Make changes according to your preference and use these resume to draft a unique customized resume.

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