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Arbitrator Resume

An arbitrator is an individual not related to the parties in dispute. They received facts about disputed issues and offer the concerned parties a binding or nonbinding resolution. The job of an arbitrator includes resolving the disputes between the labor and management to get to certain terms and conditions regarding the labor contract. He or she might have to conduct hearings in order to be able to evaluate the contentions of both parties regarding the issues in question. The information that is obtained during the trial is later analyzed with the help of knowledge of the case, facts provided, and the practices used in the industry. There is a need to settle the dispute, prevent the wage loss of employees, and protect the public interest. There is also the need to create a report based on the results of the arbitration. In case you would like to become an arbitrator, then you should include all the prior experience that you had in this field in your resume and you might also want to mention the education that you received.


Here is a list of the roles and responsibilities that an arbitrator should follow and abide by:

  • Assisting the arbitrator with caseload
  • Scheduling the hearings
  • Reporting the results
  • Keeping records of the activities and the hearings of the Arbitrator
  • Offering solutions in numerous different cases
  • Holding trainings for the new employees of the company
  • Improving the speed of the processes and hearings

Below are few points, which should be included in a sample outlook of an Arbitrator Resume:

Name in Bold Capital Letters

Write your Full Address and Contact Information.


Write the name, designation, or post for which you are applying.

Educational Qualifications

Mention the name of the University, its address, your field of specialization, name of the degree completed, and the duration including details of co-curricular activities, marks or GPA secured. Special achievements or awards given by the University to you should also be mentioned with all the relevant details.

Work Experience (if applicable)

Here you can provide complete information about your previous employment details including your employer's name, address, contact information, job designation, and recommendation letter can be attached if applicable.

Summer Internships and training relevant to the job designation should also be mentioned as it creates a positive impact on the individual who is going to view your profile.

Make sure each detail is mentioned correctly and it matches the documents that you have provided for verification. Never be in a hurry to complete your resume and devote ample time for it. You can even get it checked from someone after you have prepared a draft.


Make sure you give your contact details and ask them to get in touch if they have any doubts.

Sample Arbitrator Resume

Personal Details

Wynona Field
3236 Thorn Street
Moran, WY 83013
Phone: 307 - 543 - 680
Birth Date: 25 July 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain the position of Arbitrator at your esteemed company and advance in this career by receiving duties and responsibilities that would be demanding as well as rewarding.

Educational Qualifications

Southern New Hampshire University
Bachelor of Science (Justice Studies, 1998–2002)
Arbitration Certification, 2001
Western States University, Any City, USA

Skills and Competencies

  • Sound knowledge regarding the practices used in the field
  • Knowledge regarding the laws that apply in this field
  • Strong personality

Work Experience

Paralegal, 2001–2002
ABC Arbitration Services, Minnesota, USA

Assistant to Arbitrator, 2002–2006
Smith and Smith Arbitration Services, One City, USA

Arbitrator, 2006–present
Smith and Smith Arbitration Services, One City, USA


  • I have arbitrated over multiple disputes when I was working for Smith and Smith Arbitration Services. I was also granted the 'Devotion to Duty' award by the company as well
  • I received an appreciation certificate for attending the office every day for a month on many occasions
Areas of Interest

I have an avid interest in law, legal services, and consultation regarding legal matters.


Bob Ronald
Smith and Smith Arbitration Services, One City, USA

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