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Court Reporter Resume

A court reporter is an individual whose job is to keep a written log recorded of spoken speech using steno mask or stenotype, for generating official transcripts of official court proceedings.

In each court-ordered hearing or meeting, words spoken by each individual are preserved as a transcript and the court reporter, stenographer, or stenotype reporter is responsible for ensuring accurate, complete, and precise capture of all the words spoken as legal record. While preparing records they are also expected to help judges and trial attorneys in searching and organizing information.


The court reporters can also use microphones or similar devices. They must be able to take notes fast, and the notes must be grammatically correct and with no other errors.

The court reporters must possess the ability to listen, to pay attention to details, they must realize what needs to be written down, and when. They are the eyes of the trial. Copies of the transcripts are always needed after the proceedings in order to recall what happened. If the court clerks are not doing their job properly, much of the data can be lost.

A court reporter must be mature, responsible, and reliable. Because the job involves working in court, some states request a license for the court clerk position. If not, the person must at least provide the necessary skills to fulfill their tasks, and of course a high school diploma. A good court reporter resume can get you a job much faster, so be careful on how you present yourself. A resume example for a court reporter comes right up, and it includes some of the duties and responsibilities this job requires. Do not forget to add your personal data to ensure that you can be contacted for an interview.

Here is a list of a few duties and responsibilities that you are expected to perform and practice:

  • You must prepare equipment before hearing sessions started
  • Write transcripts of the hearings accurately
  • Edit the written transcripts
  • Copy the transcripts and gave copies to the people involved in the trial and to the judge
  • Record the entire proceedings of court ordered trials and hearings
  • For a formal facilitation of the hearing, you are expected to identify each individual
  • Prepare and distribute the reports and documents related to the court hearings and sessions
  • Perform repeated checks for technical precision and professional quality of the documents
  • You are expected to maintain a thorough record of every event that takes place in the court proceedings
  • If needed then you are also entitled to contribute in the hearings and provide clerical support to the judge

Sample Court Reporter Resume

Contact Data

Name: Don Bench
address: Rue Lane 785, LA, Ca.
Phone number: 972– 471–8265
Email address:
Nationality: American

Career Objective

I am looking for a position as a court reporter. I believe that my previous work experience in court and my skills make me the right candidate for this position. I wish to provide clear and easy to read transcripts to the court, and to do my job as well as I possibly can.

Work Experience

Designation: Court Reporter
Organizational Name: AA Associates Agency, South Dakota, SD
Duration: October 2007–Till Date


  • Able to type at a high speed, with no grammar mistakes or other errors
  • Pay very good attention to details
  • Complete more tasks at the same time
  • Good listening abilities and very good computer knowledge
  • Completely task oriented and can work in a fast paced environment
  • How to use a court microphone
  • Highly organized person who has the knowledge of how court hearings go about
  • Adept knowledge of legal terminology and grammar
  • Exceptional jurisdiction knowledge and awareness of court rules and regulations
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to interpret and follow instructions astutely
  • Understanding of how to formulate and maintain simple clerical records and forms
  • High aptitude in scribbling notes accurately


High School graduate, name of high school, city, state, 2004
Associates Degree in Criminal Justice (2004–2006)
South Dakota State University, South Dakota, SD


  • Court reporter license, AA Associates, South Dakota, SD, 2007


Are available upon request.

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