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General Attorney Resume

This is a high profile work position that requires extensive knowledge of the law and education and verifiable achievements in the field. Attorney generals are the heads of the Department of Justice and they are in charge of enforcing uniformly and adequately state laws. They represent the state and offer council in all litigations, and collaborate with the Governor, the President, the Legislature and other related agencies and institutions. They have to deal with all problems and aspects regarding district attorneys and subsequent law enforcement agents.


The resume of a General Attorney has to be composed in a specific form, using the KSA format and include special achievements and qualifications that recommend the candidate for the position. This resume sample is a simple guideline of the necessary skills and qualifications an attorney general needs to have.

Sample General Attorney Resume

Personal Details

Name: Robert Crown
Birth date: 16.05.1960
Address and Contact Details: 156 Cherry St, Washington 06840, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 4 children
Driver's license: Yes


As General Attorney of the state of California I consider myself to have excellent qualifications for the position of Federal Attorney General. I have been deploying my job with significant results for the last 10 years and I wish to develop my professional expertise in a more challenging position and offer my services to the state equally, enforcing law and counseling the federal state department in legal matters.


My objective is to occupy a higher General Attorney position in order to benefit the state and ensure that the law is properly respected. I wish to use my knowledge, skills and abilities in administrating the Department of Justice and making sure that it provides the best law services to the American citizens.


Attorney General of the state of California, I am applying for the position of federal Attorney General in order to have the opportunity to contribute at the country's legal endeavors and to advice departments and federal officials in law related issues.

Skills/Competencies: excellent written and verbal communication, strategic and analytical skills, exceptionally knowledgeable in law and all legal matters, leadership skills, decision making skills, experienced in the high-levels of public services, excellent professional achievements.

Computer knowledge: Microsoft Office, Windows, Linux

Work Experience:

Attorney General, 1999-2010
Department of Justice, California

Responsibilities: providing legal advice and support to the state of California's executive units and preparing cases in litigations.

Enforcing legal regulations, policies and procedures in the state departments and at a civil levels, preparing administrative legal programs for the community, managing contracts and related documentation of governmental agencies.

District Attorney, 1985-1999
Department of Justice, California


In charge of conducting investigations in district legal matters, managing subordinate employees, sheriffs and law enforcement agents.

Provided legal update and support to all local government attorneys, supported and managed law programs and projects, such as the Brown Act or the Public Records Act.

Education and Training:

Member of the Bar.
PhD in Law, California University
Master's in Law, California University
Bachelor's Degree in Law, California University


I successfully legally administrated the state of California for the last 10 years and achieved great results in legal projects, programs and in the improvement of the quality of legal services.

Areas of interest: law, federal law, politics, business, administration

References: Mr. Tom Jones, Attorney General, Department of Justice, California

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