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Private Detective Resume

Being a private detective may involve (according to customer requirements) investigating a series of events that are related to damage, computer crimes, such as identity theft, blackmail, illegal downloading of copyrighted material, celebrity protection, infidelity (adultery), harassing e-mails, etc.

What are the duties of the job? As a private detective one has: to track suspects, to come into contact with them, to try to gather information, evidence, to follow leads, to contact witnesses. The private detective can be specialized in commercial business (must have graduated in economics) in the insurance fraud, computer fraud or in negotiations with the kidnappers of people, etc.


A private detective operates in different places and backgrounds for investigation, works wherever necessary to follow someone or to offer protection. This job involves danger and work outside business hours. As necessary equipments, one has to use machines, microphones, various types of surveillance equipment, computers and other information technologies and mobile phones.

Are you interested in obtaining a job as a private detective? Then if you have completed high school or university, if you work systematically, if you can negotiate with people, and have the ability to react quickly, then write all this in your resume in a convincing manner so that the employees will be interested in interviewing you.

Private Detective Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Felix Smith
Birth date: 11.03.1984
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Private detectives perform important duties of offering protection, providing information, investigating different events at the request of the clients. In this job, discretion and confidentiality are very important. In order to succeed in this job one has to understand their clients' requests very well and be able to provide the needed services and information.


To work as a private detective and to use all my experience in negotiating, investigating, making reports and presenting information in an accurate manner; to obtain great success in my research work and to grow in this domain


A highly talented and experimented private detective with great ability of conducting investigations for clients, I am available to start work immediately; I want to have the chance of proving my intentions and desire to helping people solve problems which are of my competence


  • Good organizer with great administrative abilities
  • Responsible and dynamic
  • Discreet and trustful
  • Computer skills
Work Experience

Individual private investigator, Small Village, 2004-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducting private investigations to locate missing persons
  • Writing reports of investigations for clients.
  • Investigating activities of blackmail and adultery as well as individuals in divorce and child custody cases
  • Escorting valuables to protect the client's property
  • Tracking suspects, coming into contact with them

License of Private investigator, Small Village, 2004
M.A. in Physics, Small Village College, 2003


Completed findings records
Accomplished with great success all the assignments

Areas of interest

  • Law
  • Private investigations
  • Martial Art

Frank Smith
Private inspector trainer

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