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Process Server Resume

A process server is a person that is employed to situate and deliver various legal documents to those who are having court or legal action taken against them. The law entails that people should be informed and given the proper documents personally. If this is not carried out correctly, cases can be postponed or canceled completely. Consequently, the position of process server is an important segment of the judicial process, one that, when carried out properly, can avoid extensive court delays and excessive lawyer taxes. A process server needs to be a person with lots of patience and the ability to handle stress. You can choose the skills and knowledge you possess and add them in your process server resume in order to show that you are a professional capable of attaining the goals set.


The responsibilities of a process server is composed of serving subpoenas, writs and further court documents to a range of individuals who might be defendants in the court. Qualifications can range from one state to the other. Some entail a certification before an individual can serve paperwork. In other geographical settings, the process server position can be filled only by a court official. Before wanting to become a process server, an individual should first check the laws of different states.

A process server is normally not a welcome person for a recipient, and can encounter unfriendly behavior while meeting the recipient. Moreover, a process server can have to extensively look for somebody that does not wish to be found.

Process Server Resume Sample

Contact details:

Name: Silvia Chambers
Address: 77, Second Street
Ransomville, US, 98372
Phone no.: (998) 700 2345

Objective Talented professional, seeking a position as a Process Server.


  • In-depth ability to competently organize, schedule, prioritize and administer every day's work tasks, activities and singular assignments
  • Deeply knowledgeable, original and energetic with over 4 years of experience delivering court processes and orders for instance subpoenas and summonses
  • Knowledge of laws and the legal codes in order to be able to deliver notifications as per the proper process serving procedures
  • Demonstrated congenial, polite, and prolific attitudes and behaviors in relation with others in the working environment
  • Excellent capability to articulate ideas and successfully communicate the data to colleagues and citizens and the capability to understand spoken information, body language and physical cues
  • Solid capacity of utilizing the 2-way radio just for work related communication, communicating in a concise, clear and comprehensible method at all times and under all conditions
  • Strong knowledge of policies and legislature
  • Vast ability to examine, understands, and follows policies and procedural manuals linked to the job
  • Ability to use techniques like skip tracing to locate people avoiding summons

Work Experience

Big City County Magistrate Court, Big City

Process Server

  • Serve court processes and orders, for instance subpoenas and summonses
  • Collect papers to be served from the court clerk, magistrate or attorney
  • Locate the individual to be served, using county, state and city records, telephone directories or public utility records, and proceed with the delivering of the document
  • Record place and time of delivery
  • Deliver wide-ranging documents and messages between attorneys and courts
  • Finding the person to be served with the help of yellow pages directories, various utility records like electricity, water and electricity and delivers document
  • Making time and date delivery log of summons
  • Conveying general messages and official documents between courts and lawyers
  • High School Diploma, Big City High School, Big City 2005
  • Graduation in General law, University of Colorado, Colorado
  • Formal training course certification
  • Extensive workshop in legal codes and regulations

Area of Interest

  • Swimming
  • Reading books
  • Driving
  • Puzzle solving
  • Surfing internet
  • Adventure sports

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