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Traffic Controller Resume

This article provides relevant information to those who are interested in a position as a Traffic Controller. In this article you will find several details about the job description as well as important elements to focus on in order to create an excellent resume. You will also find a sample resume for this job. Do not use the same information for your resume; tailor it according to your own condition.


The term "traffic controllers" designates a wide range of people working in the area of transportation safety. In most cases, the position refers to those who are in charge of supervising and coordinating air traffic. They are mainly responsible for monitoring and conducting the operations of planes before, after and during flights. Their job is to ensure an orderly flow of air traffic and passenger's safety, to direct and guide aircraft pilots and to provide information about the weather condition. A good Traffic Controller must be very attentive and careful, able to react promptly and remain calm and rational in crisis situations. He must also be able to effectively communicate with pilots and transmit clear and genuine information.

Technical skills and knowledge as well as working experiences and educational background are the most important aspects in this job. Therefore, when preparing a resume for such positions it is recommended to highlight these sections. Mention all the former responsibilities related to this job, the personal and professional competencies that make you an eligible candidate, the formal studies and the additional certifications or trainings.

Traffic Controller Sample Resume

Contact information

Name: Tom Cain
Address: Marcus Street, Washington
Birth date: 04.04.1974
Marital Status: Married


I am looking for a position as a Traffic Controller where I can use my experience, technical knowledge and leadership abilities in order to monitor, supervise and guide aircrafts ensuring a safe and secure flight to pilots and passengers.


Responsible, reliable and experienced Traffic Controller, with excellent communication skills, physical and mental strength and technical competencies, I am looking forward to join your team of professionals.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Able work under pressure
  • Pragmatic personality
  • Calm and focused
  • Able to evaluate and analyze data
  • Developed technical skills and competencies
  • Able to react promptly
  • Able to make quick decisions in crisis situations
  • Able to transmit clear and specific data and instructions in case of emergencies
Work experience

En Route Traffic Controller,
Washington National Airport, 2002-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinating and monitoring aircrafts during flights and until arrival
  • Keeping in touch with pilots during flights
  • Informing pilots about the weather conditions, changes and eventual incoming problems
  • Monitoring the air traffic
  • Ensuring a smooth and secure flight
  • Using radars to track aircrafts and maintain them within their area
  • Giving advice and instructions
  • Controlling speed and coordinate altitude modifications
Air Traffic Controller,
JFK Airport, 1998-2002

Duties and responsibilities

  • Guiding and supervising aircrafts from the air traffic control tower
  • Providing assistance before and during flight
  • Transmitting permanent information in order to ensure a safe flight
  • Guiding through emergency landing
  • Assisting pilots on crisis situation
Education and training

Master's Degree in Computer Science, Princeton University
Bachelor's Degree in Math, Princeton University
Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Program
Certification from FAA

Areas of interest:

Engineering, Civil Aviation


References are available upon request

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