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Trial Lawyer Resume

The duty of a trial lawyer is to represent in court the legal interests of his customers. As a trial lawyer, one has to take care of all of the court's procedures. They need to analyze the legal problems of the customers (which may be individuals, companies, or institutions), consult with clients and guide them on the possibilities of an amicable settlement, draft letters and requests on behalf of clients, negotiate with the other parties involved in order to obtain the best results and if possible come to a settlement. Before drafting a trial lawyer resume, the candidate should be ready to face the challenges of the job and should be knowledgeable enough to study the case and come up with valid reasoning as far as winning the case and providing justice is concerned.


A trial lawyer has to appear in court to represent their clients. They defend their clients to resolve dispute with other individual or organization. They also make sure that proper justice is given and might coordinate with the police or investigation firms in order to check the proofs or weapons that can be exhibited in court.

The following sample resumes will give you a start on drafting a competitive resume. All you have to do is complete your resume with all your personal information and try your best in portraying your skills, abilities, and achievements. Try to keep your resume free of any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors.

Trial Lawyer Resume Sample 1

Personal Details

Name: Paul Martin
Address: 42, Westend Street, Penn Avenue, Denver, CO, USA
Phone: (898) 967 5656


Bachelors of Arts in social and criminal justice, Ashcrow University, CO, USA
LLM, Ashcrow University, CO, USA


To succeed as a trial lawyer in a reputed firm where I can get different types of cases.


  • Vast information about law practices, cases, etc
  • Immense knowledge of federal, state and county laws
  • Impressive personality and voice
  • Exceptionally good communication skills

Work Experience

Trial lawyer, Swell & Bing Law Firm (2004-2007), CO, USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare disclosure statements
  • Negotiate and litigate issues
  • Respond to requests from defense for additional disclosure
  • Conduct jury / non jury trials
  • Perform pre-trial conferences with the defendants and defense attorneys and discuss the plea agreements


CO Lawyer's Fall Conference, 2009
Best Trial lawyer, Colorado Lawyer's Awards

Areas of interest

Crime novels


Christopher Williamson, Trial Attorney,
Swell & Bing Law Firm, CO. (673 586 4483)

Trial Lawyer Resume Sample 2

Personal Details:

Name: Ashley Limes
Address: 34, Summit Street, South Moore Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.
Birth date: 22.08.1983


To become a successful trial lawyer by representing clients with different problems; I am strongly motivated in obtaining victory with every case by ensuring that justice is done.


  • Working knowledge of local, state, federal laws
  • Abilities in understanding and presenting law theories
  • Hard working
  • Great communication skills (expressing myself clearly, logically and persuasively)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Imposing appearance
  • Fluent in Latin, Spanish and French

Work Experience:

Trial lawyer, Community Law Service, Minneapolis, 2007 - present

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Appearing in court for hearings and representing my clients' rights
  • Writing legal correspondence
  • Conducting legal researches
  • Negotiating with the other parties on my client's behalf


Bachelor's Degree in Law, Minneapolis University, Minneapolis, 2006


Provided excellent customer service

Areas of interest:

Law articles
Current affairs


Simon Drake
Community Law Service, Minneapolis (877 868 7906)

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