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Utility Plant Patrol Officer Resume

The position of a utility plant patrol officer is a security position in a utility plant. The effective job means that the patrol officer will have to walk around the utility plant and to make sure there is no intruder or anything that could damage the safety of the plant or of the employees or personnel. The ideal candidate should have some work experience in law enforcement. This officer will either be working directly for the plant or for a security agency that will have a contract with the utility plant. The candidate might have to pass a drug test and a background check, depending on the plant's policies. Whether you will be employed by the utility plant itself as a patrol officer or by a security agency, you will still have to present a utility plant patrol officer resume. If you find yourself in the situation of never having written one, then you can always use the one provided below to compose your own. Just make sure to maintain the sections as they are and replace the information.


Utility Plant Patrol Officer Sample Resume

Contact Data

Name: Jerry Thompson
Home Address: 565 East Larded Street
Detroit, MI 48226
Email Address:
Driver's License: yes
Phone Number: (313) 961 - 7766
Citizenship: U. S. Citizen
Marital status: Single


Seeking to secure the job of a Utility Plant Patrol Officer in your company. I want to be a member of your team and to ensure that no one will trespass the premises.

Skills and qualifications

  • Detail oriented
  • Owning a fire gun permit
  • Good knowledge of the security policies
  • Reacting fast when the situation requires it
  • Good knowledge of using various security equipments
  • Good knowledge of computer software
  • Good communication skills
  • Fit for team work
  • Knowledge of public safety and security
  • Good administration and management skills
  • Service-orientated employee
  • Detroit security guard registration card
  • Strong work ethics and ability to follow instructions to the letter
  • Willing to work in shifts, including night shifts
  • Can start working as soon as possible

Work Experience

Utility Plant Patrol Officer, West Business Building
Detroit, MI, 2005 to present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Checked in and out the visitors
  • Made sure no unauthorized person would gain access to the offices above
  • Checked the surveillance cameras to make sure they function properly and that there is no bad incident that could happen unnoticed
  • Made sure the building was empty before locking it
  • Implementing and following company policies, rules and regulations
  • Maintaining limited access to the secure areas
  • Kept a vigil watch on the movement in company premises, customer and employee property in compliance with established regulations
  • Cooperating with safety and security personals in the time of emergencies like federal officers and fire fighters
  • Attending to alarms and investigating disturbances and irregularity
  • Inspected all the floors, as required by the policies
  • Using metal detectors and X-ray machines to properly screen individuals and prevent prohibited items into company premises
  • Wrote activity reports at the end of the day or of the shift; weekly as well as monthly
  • Reported any incidents to the appropriate authority, either the police, the building's management, or both Stopped two robbery attempts
  • Providing information about company rules and regulation to the visitors and evict violators from company premises using force if required

Educational Qualifications

High school diploma, Detroit's State High, Detroit, MI
Security Officer Diploma, National Private Security Agency
Training on the job, West Business Building, Detroit, MI
Fire Gun Permit and License, Detroit's Police Academy, Detroit, MI


Available upon request

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