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Librarian Resume

A Librarian is responsible for providing support to students and the staff in a library. This skilled worker has to organize and transmit information through journals, periodicals or books. They also provide assistance and support to teachers or students to retrieve or sign up for books or periodicals. As most libraries are computerized, the librarian needs to possess deep knowledge in developing web pages and managing databases. Librarian resumes should highlight the skills and previous work experience, if any, in this field.


Among the duties mentioned above, the librarian is also responsible for managing resources like books, periodicals and journals; for creating and maintaining a pleasant reading environment. These workers also have to provide a flexible access to the library by managing in a proper manner that facilitates support and instructions to students and teachers on how to search for resources.

When writing a librarian resume you can start by adding your contact information (full name, address and a telephone number where you can be permanently reached by the employer), a short introduction and the objective statement. The objective has to state what position you are looking for and what skills and qualifications you have for the job. The next section of your librarian resume should focus on your skills and capabilities.

Mention some of the skills, which can make you a good librarian such as exceptional organizational skills and proficiency in various Windows programs and applications. The section can highlight your work experience. Add all the positions that you have had and try to describe what were your main duties and responsibilities. Focus particularly on the librarian positions. In this section, you also have to add the name of the position you held, the name of the library you worked for, the location of the library and the period of employment.

Duties and responsibilities undertaken would form the highlight of your resume. This gives a clear picture to the employer about the capacity of work you handled and how effective you could prove to handle all the future responsibilities. Candidates need to also research on the kind of profile they are applying for and what are the demands of the job. Keeping that in mind, if the candidate has already performed the tasks in a previous job, those tasks can be listed right in the beginning for creating a better impact.

Education qualification can be listed in the end. Applicants are required to possess a High School diploma or a Bachelor's Degree in Library or Information Science but a flair for knowledge and books with a good high school degree is also enough for this job. A good librarian is required to possess excellent organizational and communication skills to develop and maintain strong relations with students and teachers.

A librarian resume should finally sum up with the candidates achievements and associations. This would include facts about the candidate being a member of any library or association or any charity and have performed exceptionally well or taken major steps for the smooth running of the organization. Apart from these, candidate's areas of interest and references should be provided. References in some cases prove effective to get the desired job.

Like all the other resumes, a librarian resume should be drafted professionally. One should make sure that there are no errors in the resume. Reading and re-reading the resume at least twice would help candidates to draft a good error-free resume. If one is not very sure about the lay-out of drafting a good resume, professional help can be taken. One also needs to make sure that all the information listed in the resume is authentic. A resume represents the candidate who is applying for the job and so should be drafted in the most effective manner which is further in tune with the current times.

Following are the librarian sample resumes:

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