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Catalog Librarian Resume

The main responsibility of a catalog librarian is that of making catalog cards that include the basic information about the material, but also the name of the author, date of publishing, publisher, subject, theme, and related information. If some of the materials include maps, illustrations, special bibliographies and appendices, they have to be registered on catalog cards.


This means carefully inspecting any new addition to the library and professionally recording it in its catalogs. Any mistake in this process could mean that the material would become unavailable for specific researchers or interested people. Also, the cataloging process includes periodical updating. Administrative responsibilities, such as making copies of the catalog cards, acquiring new catalog cards, deploying card inventory are other of the catalog librarian's tasks.

They also have to be available for the readers, offer them necessary information, directions and guidance through cataloged materials, bibliographies and so on. Computer literacy is necessary since a major part of the cataloging requires computer work and library catalogs have to be available in electronic format also. Publications that need to be cataloged can be themselves in electronic format. The resume should underline field studies and certification.

Catalog Librarian Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: James Mufflin
Birth date: 02.02.1980
Address and Contact Details: 35 S Court St, Montgomery, AL 36104, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


I'm an experienced catalog librarian with a MLS degree and knowledge of the AACR2 system and MARC21. I have worked with Library of Congress standards and subject heading practices and I am familiar with metadata schemas. I consider myself to be excellently qualified to work as a catalog librarian at your University and contribute to the development of cataloging practices and assistance.


My objective is to develop my career in a more professional and academic environment and use my librarian skills in properly documenting and cataloging materials for the use of your students, teachers and associate academics.


Catalog librarian with professional knowledge and training and familiarized with the Library of Congress standards and regulations, looking for a position in an academic environment.

Skills/Competencies: cataloging practices knowledge, metadata schemas knowledge, verbal and written communicational skills, technology oriented, bilingual

Computer knowledge: strong computer literacy, ability to work with specialized cataloging applications

Work Experience:

Catalog librarian, 2001-2010
Binghamton University Libraries


  • establishing cataloging standards and applying cataloging regulations,
  • identifying un-cataloged material and cataloging new material,
  • managing electronic catalogs and working with electronic material and digital tools.
Education and Training:

Master's in Library and Information Science, ALA accreditation, Alabama University
Bachelor's Degree in Literature, Alabama University


During my years of experience as a catalog librarian I have contributed to effective and modern cataloging of academic material and to improving public assistance.

Areas of interest: library and information science, academic environment, culture, technology

References: Mr. David Finch, Manager of the Binghamton University Libraries

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