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Childrens Librarian Resume

What about being a children's librarian? Interested in such a job? Then you may know what a children's librarian does and how to draft a good resume.

Children's librarians are those persons whose main responsibility is to select materials for the library's children's department. They also handle the job of planning different activities and programs for the children. The interest area for a librarian who works with children extends from toddler's books to young adult novels. In order to have knowledge about all the new books, the librarian has to inform himself permanently and to read various journals with reviews of books currently available for young people. He has to cover a wide range of ages and to find the perfect programs and books for toddlers, as well as for teenagers.


Students visit the library for different books for their homework and projects. The librarian has to be able to direct them to the needed materials.

To raise the interest in books, the children's librarian may get involved in various public activities that will make the public aware of the variety of activities, special events coming up, books and programs offered by the children's department.

Besides interacting with children and offering them books, a children's librarian has some administrative tasks within the library. They must schedule performers, create book lists, make a database and update it periodically, write press releases and design monthly calendars.

Regarding the resume, you should include in it your qualification and your skills and, most importantly, your knowledge of and appreciation for children's literature. Your resume has to reflect the fact that you are able to deal with children and students, to plan activities and special events and any other information that makes you suitable for the job. Experience also counts, so mention it if you have it.

Childrens Librarian Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Natasha Johnson
Birth Date: 23.01. 1975
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married


To obtain the job as a children's librarian and, with my knowledge and talent, to succeed in making the children's department of the public library an exciting place to visit for kids of all ages (from toddlers to teenagers)


Well trained as a librarian, specialized in children's literature, with great interpersonal and communication skills, able to produce programs for children, I am excited to work as a children's librarian.

Skills and abilities

  • Good in communication with children of different ages
  • Experience as children's librarian
  • Computer skills
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Experienced in creating innovative programs for children
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Knowledge of children's books, reference materials, audio-visual collections
Work Experience

Children's Librarian, Creekside Public Library, Creekside, USA, 2000 to present:

Duties and responsibilities

  • Managing children's room and the children's book collection
  • Selecting books, held programs and reading contests for the public
  • Assisting with annual budget preparation
  • Issuing overdue notices
  • Making orders and processing interlibrary loan materials

Master's Degree in Library Science, Creekside University, Creekside, 1999


  • Performed assigned duties
  • Handled library materials with care and diligence
  • Demonstrated knowledge and appreciation of literature for children
  • Improved the ability of understanding children's library operations and procedures
Areas of interest

Children development stages


Gloria Gray,
Creekside Public Library

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