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Management Resume

A resume is your launch pad in your career. It is your brand identity and thus conveys to the employer that you are the most appropriate candidate for the mentioned job profile. It should be provide quick information that is clear and relevant to the mentioned position. If you are working as a manager, your achievements and the experience will determine the level of details that go into the resume. Most of the management resumes rely on the combination of powerful verbs to describe the candidate's achievements and responsibilities. The common verbs used are delivered, planned, trained, monitored, mentored, led, managed, controlled and many more.


Management professionals should refrain from using a typical objective. It should be in block paragraphs with a summary of 4-8 statements and it should highlight the key expertise and skills. You can provide the job titles you have worked on at the tip of the resume, such as "Finance Manager" which is just another technique to skip writing an objective.

Educational qualification:

After you finish with your contact information, you can start mentioning your educational details. Start from the highest degree first, with the name of the institution, city and state. Continue it with your degree and major subjects and the year of passing.

Job Experience:

Your previous experience as a manager is the key category for the employer to get motivated to hire you. This section is an indication that you have worked at the job positions that have provided you work experience that will be useful for the mentioned job profile. Relevant work experience states that you have appropriate skills and talent to add value to the job position. Here are some guidelines as you aim at writing your experience section in the most impressive manner.

  • Start with the recent position held. List the name of the company with the location and the title you held.
  • Highlight your designations in different companies. But, make sure they are the ones relevant for the position you are applying for. Include your present job also.
  • Use bullet to list the descriptions of your duties and achievements by using action verbs. Make sure you use past tense in these descriptions unless you are still working in the company.
  • Emphasize the responsibilities where you have handled a team, dealt with customers, etc.
  • Avoid exaggerating your job skills.

You can mention your skills in the management resumes in the following manner:

  • Worked on procurement: Provide details about how you motivated the procurement team to meet their targets. Include details about the training and customer service tips that you provided to your team.
  • Retail operations management: Explain your roles and responsibilities as a retails operations manager and your expertise in retail business

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This is section speaks about your abilities to exceed the job responsibilities, it reflects on your communications skills, your teamwork and job involvement. You can mention the different honors you received at your school, college and at your work place. Any kind of recognition you have received for your performance.

References are important as the employer can verify the authenticity of your management resumes and the things mentioned there in. Be sure that you inform the people whose names are mentioned in the resume as references. It can be your school, university teachers or your previous employer.

The management resumes should emphasize the candidates professional experience details, academic qualifications, skills and achievements. It is important to keep the formatting of your resume simple and professional. Proofreading is essential as it will help you to get rid of any errors in your resume.

Following are the management sample resumes:

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