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Animal Husbandry Manager Resume

What does this professional do?

The animal husbandry manager has to study the genetic, feeding, milk production, health and weight records to establish feed supplies and formula or the reproduction schedule. In addition, they supervise activities related to animal care, breeding, maintenance or transfer and packing actions to make sure that the work is performed appropriately, and to identify and resolve problems. Their managerial nature includes assigning workers to duties, for instance treating and feeding animals, cleaning stations, maintaining facilities and transferring animals.


Their job also includes notifying veterinarians and other managers of serious health issues of the animals. Supervisors have to monitor eggs and regulate incubator gauges and thermometers, to ascertain the hatching development and the preservation of particular conditions. They can also treat animal illness or injuries, in close collaboration with veterinarians. These professionals can be in charge of inseminating farm animals artificially to produce the preferred offspring and to display practices to farmers. Animal husbandry managers have the task of taking care of the transportation and the arrangements with regard to animals, supplies, equipment and food.

Moreover, they administrate supplies, materials, and equipment. Another important task is preparing animal condition, worker attendance, feed consumption, and production reports. When new workers arrive, they instruct them in taking care of animals, in egg candling and categorization, artificial insemination methods, and in transferring the animals. Because they are supervisors, these professionals have to watch over animals, for example poultry, sheep, cattle, or game animals, for indication of illnesses, damage, anxiety, or abnormal behavior.

The animal husbandry managers are in charge of planning and preparing labor schedules. They also have to recruit, employ, and reimburse workers. Along other professionals in the farm, they discuss and determine fabrication requirements, state of gear and supplies, and labor schedules. Other tasks include inspecting supplies, equipment, fields or choice, buildings, and fences to settle on the work needed to be performed.

How can one become an animal husbandry manager?

Nowadays, professionals working in farms, like animal husbandry managers and supervisors, have to have the minimum of an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in Farm Management or other related fields. These academic plans have to include courses in management, environment and business administration. The professionals with the most chances of getting hired are the ones that lived on farms their whole life. These workers usually belong to individual farms run by families, as claimed by the BLS or US Bureau of Labor.

What are the outlooks for this profession?

As declared by The U.S. Bureau of Labor, it is expected that the number of freelance animal husbandry managers will decline to some extent over the next few years. On the other hand, the important number of farm workers leaving the area of expertise will bring in lots of opportunities. The most flourishing animal husbandry managers will be absorbed by undersized, niche markets for natural and organic goods.

In 2010, according to the BLS, the average income of a farm manager was around $50,000 a year, with bigger salaries in Idaho and California, with peaks over $80,000 a year.

Marissa Keeney
487 Blue Street
Any City, US 232323
Home: (879) 161-7521
Mobile: (383) 039-9028

Talented manager seeking a position as animal husbandry manager.


Guidance and administration skills; decision-making experience; animal care proficiency


Animal Husbandry Worker,
2008 - present:

Animalia Shelter, ACity, USA.

Tasks included exercising, grooming and feeding pets in residence, indicated medical issues to the veterinarian, sanitized kennels.

Pet Store Manager,
2006 - 2008:

Kitty Store, Sometown, US.

Supervised daily activities of pet store, customer relations, personnel and pets.


Bachelor's Degree in Farm Management, 2007 A University, US

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