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Artists Manager Resume

Almost every professional needs a manager. The job of an artists manager is to make sure that the artist is successful on the market. The artists manager is also known to be the representative of the artist, like an agent or consultant. No matter what name we use, the job and the responsibilities that come with it are the same. It is the duty of the Artists Manager to take care of the business of art so that the only thing that the artist will have to do is to concentrate on art. If you would like to get a job like this then make sure that you include in your artists manager resume, the experience that you had that is relevant in this field and also the management skills that you have.


Sample Artists Manager Resume

Personal Details
Name: Anne Jenkins
Birth Date: 17 June 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the job of Artists Manager in your company. I have the necessary skills and the experience to administer all the tasks relevant for this job. It is my goal to provide high quality services and to help the artist gain more popularity through the marketing campaigns initiated.


Highly trained and skilled Artists Manager with good management skills and excellent communication skills both written and verbal, having interest and knowledge in the field of art and in the entertainment industries, with knowledge regarding financial management and public relations abilities, looking for immediate employment.

Skills and Competencies

  • Management and administrative skills
  • Financial management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Efficient and accurate
  • Good sales and marketing skills
  • In depth knowledge of human behavior and behavior
  • Knowledge of government regulation and entertainment related laws
  • Good in customer and personal service
  • Knowledge in the field of art and entertainment industry
  • Professional attitude
  • Dependable and loyal employ
  • Public relations abilities
  • Work Experience

Work Experience

Artists Manager, 2009 to present
Cloud Nine Artists' Representatives, Inc., Ohio, USA

Job Duties

  • Manage the affairs of the artists and entertainers
  • Handling the contracts of the clients
  • Resolving business matters
  • Managing career development and advancement
  • Managing the details of the business, including booking hotels and transportation
  • Advising client over financial and legal issues like investment and tax
  • Handling matters related to the business side of tours management
  • Significantly used contractual and fiscal documents required in artist management
  • Handled various activities on the behalf of artist like fan mails, personal appearance and telephone enquiries
  • Applied various business methods like brand promotion, public appearance, live concerts, talent shows to ensure artist's success

Associate Artists Manager, 2006–2009
Seasons Artists' Representatives Pvt. Ltd., Ohio, USA

Job Duties:

  • Assisting the manager with handling the fan mail, telephone inquiries and requests for personal appearances
  • Helping with the auditions for new talents
  • Keeping records of the activities performed
  • Developing new contacts with individuals and organizations and maintaining old ones
  • Collecting fees and commissions according to contract terms
  • Making account statement quarterly for client


  • Graduation degree in arts
  • Master degree in performing artists management
  • Certification in artist management
  • Advanced certification in French
  • Beginner course in Latin and German


  • Organizing numerous successful shows and presentations
  • Helping with the discovery of new talents
  • Offering courses regarding talent management
  • American Association of Artists Managers

Areas of Interest

  • Arts and arts management
  • Business management
  • Leadership skills


Bob Ray
General Director
Cloud Nine Artists' Representatives, Inc.
Ohio, USA

James Hussy
General Manager
Seasons Artists' Representatives Pvt. Ltd., Ohio, USA

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