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Branch Store Manager Resume

A resume is like an advertisement of oneself. Therefore, make sure that you market yourself well.

Once embarked in a job hunting endeavor, one should keep in mind a very important detail, while drafting his/her resume: the requests of the employer should be found in the applicant' resume; both in the "professional experience" section and in the "personal skills and abilities" section.


A branch store manager resume should include a series of vital details; below there is a non-exhaustive list of such details, divided into resume sections. A manager resume must present the information in a quick, clear manner and in a way that makes the applicant's experience relevant to the targeted position.

Career objective It is important that a manager resume contains a brief headline which presents the applicant's career goal and some of his/her qualifications (eventually the most relevant). E.g.: economics graduate, looking for leadership sales position, with a top food products company.

Qualifications and skills

This section should highlight the applicant's most important attributes. The applicant should review the job posting and see what the hiring organization finds important and desirable. All job related skills should be mentioned. E.g.: skilled sales and marketing professional; good communication skills; organized person; reliable employee; leadership qualities; experience in developing and improving sales operations; very good interpersonal and people management skills; outstanding negotiation skills.

Computer and language skills can be added.

Professional experience

The most recent must be listed first. In this section the emphasis is made on previous job descriptions. E.g. for a previous job as branch store manager: managing the inventory of the store; managing the sales personnel; managing employee schedules; setting up special sales. E.g. for a previous job as branch store manager assistant: assisting the store manager in training new employees; managing the display of clothes and accessories; replacing the manager when needed. Personal accomplishments and contributions should be emphasized. E.g.: trained one assistant manager; or: reduced labor costs by 15%; or: carried out a demographic study to establish the store's target market.


The list should begin with the most recent degree. In addition to the education, any kind of trainings, seminars, courses or certifications should be included, in order to prove professional development.

Branch store manager resume sample

Personal information
Telephone number:
E-mail address:

Career objective:
interested in developing a career in sales, that offers continuous training and self-improvement, as well as financial satisfaction.

Professional experience:

  • dates (from - to) - company name - branch manager - job responsibilities: insuring the merchandise supplies; organizing promotions and setting discounts for slow or new products; concluding promotion and supply contracts; supervising sales. Accomplishments: managing a team of 10 employees; 30% increase in sales.
  • dates (from - to) - company name - supplies accountant - job responsibilities: managing relations with internal and external suppliers; managing orders.
  • dates (from - to) - company name - accountant - job responsibilities: managing the company's relation with the bank (checks, cash withdrawals and deposits etc.), registering bills, payments.

dates - College of economical studies - city - specialization: management

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